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ST Dragon
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Dune 2000 - The Return of the Online Multiplayer sandy Matches!

I've always been a fan of the original Dune RTS games, especially Dune 2 on the Amiga / PC and the 1998 PC Remake, Dune 2000.
Since the demise of Westwood studios, their multiplayer servers were shut-down and thus online gaming died with them...

How ever, recently various fans resurrected the Dune 2000 online death-matches via Hamachi & Tunngle and I had various awesome matches via Hamachi! So, for anyone wanting to relive the good old days, here are all the necessary steps to follow for a flawless sandy skirmish...

OK, so I’ll sum things up.
This is exactly what I did to get Dune 2000 multiplayer working on Windows XP & Hamachi (Vista & 7 will work just fine too!), without having to install IPX protocol in the Lan adapters and without having to open any ports or port-forwarding what so ever in the modem / router.

1. Install any version of Hamachi from here:

Join the following Networks where most people play on right now:

Network Name: dune2011net
pass: dune

Network Name: Dune 2000 IPX
pass: 2000

To organize your matches & chat with any one of the users, right click on the username and choose "chat..."

Or to chat in the main network with all the users at the same time, right click on “dune2011net" (example) and choose "Open Chat Window"

Please note that the later version of Hamachi (V2.0.3.89) don't have sound notification turned on by default when a new message arrives, so you should do the following in order to see messages from other users who are trying to invite you for a match.

In the main Hamachi window go to:

System > Preferences > Settings > Chat Settings:
When new Message Arrives = Show the Chat Window
Play a sound when new IM arrives = Yes

2. Download and unpack the files needed (DirectPlay UDPtoIPX patch) to bypass the need for the ancient IPX protocol from here:
Unpack and Copy them in your Dune 2000 game folder (WinXP users will only need to copy wsock32.dll)

3. Update Dune 2000 to version 1.06 (I use the (English – US) version and seems to work fine) from here:

4. Re-prioritize your network adapter order in Windows. Hamachi adapter must be on top in Adapters & Bindings:

WinXP: Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Advanced -> Advanced Settings -> Adapters and Bindings -> Move Hamachi up 1st on the list.

WinVista: Start -> Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center -> Manage Network Connections - Adanced -> Advanced Settings -> Adapters and Bindings -> Move Hamachi up 1st on the list.


WinVista: Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections -> Network Connections -> Manage network Connections -> Organize -> Menu -> Advanced -> Advanced Settings will give Network Adapters & Bindings Order

5. Setup exceptions for Hamachi & Dune 2000 in Windows firewall & 3rd party firewalls. Or Disable Windows Firewall and any 3rd Party firewalls.
Also, disable the SPI firewall in your modem / router.

6. Start Dune 2000 -> DirectPlay UDPtoIPX patch -> select the network address to use:
Choose the IP corresponding to hamachi (The virtual IP 5.75.x.x, you see in the hamachi client / interface) and not your local lan card IP (192.168.x.x)

7. Start Dune 2000 -> Go to Multiplayer Game -> Lan -> Lobby... and join any existing match or create and host your own by pressing “New” (You should see the other players in the lobby)

Please note the following!!:
A few more things you should do to maximize the performance

Uninstall IPX protocol from any of your Lan Adapters including from the virtual Hamachi adapter (If you had all ready installed it prior to this) and restart your PC.

Don’t use ALT+TAB while playing Dune2k, it will lead to sensible lags for all players & later connection lose with that user.

Also to reduce the in-game lags and slow downs you should do this:

Lag/High ping issues
If your game lags there are a few things you can try:

1.Ensure you aren`t downloading/uploading anything and that Windows isn`t downloading/installing updates;
2.Get a faster internet connection;
3.If you have a multi-core CPU, open Task Manager > click on the `Processes` tab, find `Hamachi.exe` (Vista users should tick `Show processes from all users` and make sure they have admin rights!) and right click on it > Set affinity... and use only CPU0 (untick the others).
You`ll have to set the affinity every time you start your PC!
The same way should work for Tunngle too, however you’ll have to open port 11155 and port forward it to your local PC Lan IP 192.168.x.x in your Modem / Router.

Here are a few older Hamachi Networks for anyone that wants to try joining are:

Network name: Dune-2k Networks
Passw: dune

Network name: dune2k-2008
Pass: 2008

Network name: Dune 2000 Server
pass: Arrakis

Network name: Dune2009
pass: Dune

Network Name : volk-ss
pass : 123

Network Name:
Troy 1
Troy 2
Troy 3

pass: 1234

Network Name: Dune2000Server
Pass: dune

Network Name: Dune 2000 Server 3
pass: dune

Network Name: Dune 2000 Server 4
pass: dune

Network Name: THE IX
Pass: lolz

Network Name: dune-bagalx
pass: dune

For a whole lot more info on Dune multiplayer online gaming, you can find in the following site / forum:
And in this thread in specific:
Also look through this guide about Hamachi gaming:
& Tunngle Troubleshooting Thread if you have questions/troubles:

So that was that!
The spice must flow!

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Nice, .

Any patch to get Emperor working with latest Norton on Win7?
I remember there was a patch for norton 2003, but that no longer works.
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I hate Dune 2000. What a disgrace and dissapointment
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ST Dragon
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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Nice, .

Any patch to get Emperor working with latest Norton on Win7?
I remember there was a patch for norton 2003, but that no longer works.
Norton? Why don't you just disable it if its causing problems?
Anyway you might find a solution here:

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I hate Dune 2000. What a disgrace and dissapointment
What are you talking about?!
It was an awesome game!

Anyway, the multiplayer matches are great, do try it out.

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Those Dune-guys need to stop making Dune games online and start making Oil Imperium online! And not the german version.
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ST Dragon
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It seems that my last Hamachi network got full:

Network ID: dune-bagalx
pass: dune
So I made a new one, for anyone that wants to join and play Dune 2000 online:

Network ID: dune2011net
pass: dune

I've had some excellent matches so far!
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Old 01 March 2014, 18:20   #7
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No need for all of this anymore, we have a completely automatic installer, and we have the old alman server running, complete with a working tournament. Simply visit www.dune2000online.com for the install, hope to see yall there.
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ST Dragon
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That's awesome news!
I'll be sure to wage some battles head-on this spring
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