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Online Multiplayer Games

Anybody playing (or interested in playing) any amiga or non amiga multiplayer game online and which one ?

I'm playing occasinally Warcraft 3 TFT and Pocket Tanks and I would like to know if there are other members of this forum that are playing these games too. I guess it would be more interesting to play against some of you than versus random opponent (which is usually some 15 years old grumpy adolescent )

Also, I think TeeWorlds could be fun

I tried to persuade people on few other forums before this one, but everyone is always "too busy" when it comes to simple online gaming

Just to mention few more interesting games like Counter Strike 1.6 or Soldat
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Does anyone have a list of online-playable Amiga games? I might have my Amiga online soon, so I'd love to play some.
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These two should just about cover it!!!

www.Amiga-Online-Games.de V4


and there is also Amiga Online for playing 2 player games (without network support) using Kaillera!! (HH's site!)
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Old 01 October 2008, 03:26   #4
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Hmm, so are this amiga games actually fully playable online, and if yes - anybody interested in trying some ?
Bubble Bobble & Indy Heat from HH's site and Battle Chess from Amiga-Online-Games looks most interesting to me
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the ACGGBG link are all TCP/IP games playable over a local network or internet.

the amiga-online-games.de link has games that are linkable via ... Modem, Nullmodem, TCP/IP, ParNet, IPX and Email

The games at HH's site all use Kaillira, it is a bit of a hack that allows normal (not linkable) 2 player games to be played over the interent!

It is susceptible to syncronisation problems if ping times are not low enough.

But we did manage to run a little SWOS competition between about 8 of us from all over the world!
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yea, well thx for the infos, I already played some SWOS over Kailliera few years ago. I was more kinda wondering if I could find anybody here willing to play any amiga (or other) games again with ... need to take my mind away from poker for a second
But looks like this forum is more for amiga hardware nerds

I would appreciate if you could explain me how could I play Battle Chess against friend online, both running from WinUAE
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I would like to have a game against some other Amiga Quake users... These PC players are too good for me
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Since many (or some, depending on how you look at it) amiga games offer null-modem link-up why not try using a serial2tcp/ip redirection drivers. If WinUAE could pickup these virtual serial ports we could play games like XTR Racing over the net

Here are some freeware solutions:
Anyone want to give it a go?
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