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icon .info dissassembly


Does any one here have a dissassembly of a .info file?

I tried opening it up on Resource but nothing came up as expected (I was hoping that it would break the file into longword pointers).

I'm guessing that some where in the .info file would be 2 longword pointers to the bitmap data of it being selected and unselected.

I've looked on google groups but didn't find any info on there .
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There is no code in these files, you cannot disassemble anything. There are just raw data structures stored one after the other. Pointers in these structures are not valid of course, but only are used as booleans: non-null means the structure is present in the file.

See include:workbench/workbench.h for a description of the structures.
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thank you.

I knew there was no code, I was hoping that ReSource would dc.l the raw data structures.
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move.l #$c0ff33,throat

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It's actually no problem to do this. Just set the data type to "longwords" and there you go.
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Old 31 July 2006, 19:03   #5
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Does anyone have a link to the actual technical layout of the amigo .info file format at all?
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Old 27 August 2006, 11:17   #6
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This ?

struct DiskObject
UWORD do_Magic; /* magic number at start of file */
UWORD do_Version; /* so we can change structure */
struct Gadget do_Gadget; /* a copy of in core gadget */
UBYTE do_Type;
char *do_DefaultTool;
char **do_ToolTypes;
LONG do_CurrentX;
LONG do_CurrentY;
struct DrawerData *do_DrawerData;
char *do_ToolWindow; /* only applies to tools */
LONG do_StackSize; /* only applies to tools */
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HCF yeah that is right that's from the workbench.i include.

I started dissassembling one didn't get that far, mainly just found the words which deteremined the pixel height and width.
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