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Question Tweaking WinUAE screen res

Hi Peeps,

I have noticed that some people say they have "tweaked" their graphics to give resolutions such as 640x512.

Could someone explain how to do this or point me to a previous discussion on this?

I have a Geforce2MX400 card if that helps.

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here is one such thread, but there was another one where P-J explained it better.
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1) Download latest NVidia drivers or use your prefered version.

2) Rename setup file to include a zip extension.

3) Extract archive with WinZIP or similar program to a temporary directory.

4) Edit "nv4_disp.inf" with your favourite ascii text editor.

5) Scroll to the very bottom, locate the string constant matching your display card (if you are unsure check with the device manager).

6) Note the card's unique identifier to the left of the string, now find the section listing the display modes corresponding to this identifier.

7) When adding new modes be sure to copy the line nearest to your desired custom resolution, for example say you wanted to add a screen mode of 768 x 576, you would copy the 800x600 line and paste it just above it, so it would look like this.

HKR,, NV4_Modes, %REG_SZ_APPEND%, "8 768 576 60 70 72 75 85 100 120 0"
HKR,, NV4_Modes, %REG_SZ_APPEND%, "8 800 600 60 70 72 75 85 100 120 0"

DO NOT copy from or move the first 640x480 line.

8) In the same fashion, the above must be done for each color depth, usually 8, 16 and 32 bit.

9) Ready to install, save the file then go into the device manager, right click your display adapter, and update the drivers, point it to your modified "nv4_disp.inf".

10) Reboot. If all goes as planned, these new resolutions should be available for use within any application.
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Thumbs up

Thanks guys, I will try that out tonight
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Well §ane, can you help me out a bit as well?
I'm getting pretty disorientated with all those issues concerning resolutions and, especially, centering, even though I'm using resolutions below 800x600.

I've tried Crazy Seasons as an example and I'd make a momentous assertion,

Now I have to give evidence to this, I know.
But look at the screenshot.
It IS broken! I checked both vertical and horizontal centering and 640 x 512 screen mode (manually typed in the X and Y fields in Display settings, see attached config). That's all I can do from user's side. As you can see, screen isn't centered at all.
But it works in WinFellow with same settings!
Now I'm beginning to lose the thread completely.
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config here...

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File Type: uae !!ocs13w - 0821_640512_2drives.uae (2.0 KB, 221 views)
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Old 23 March 2002, 21:18   #7
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thanks to §ane i have been able to add a new resolution (720x576), but with the newest nvidia driver (v28.32) the nv4_disp.inf file has changed, and i can't add the resolution any more...
Does anyone know what i have to change in this release?
or any good links to sites that offer info about how to?
I'm using winxp, asus 7100 gfx card (geforce 2mx).

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Old 27 March 2002, 09:44   #8
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OK, in case anybody else is interested in it:
on the german forum at the tvtool.de (great tool btw) there was a post explaining how to have more resolutions even with the new nvidia drivers:

basically it's the same method as §ane explained, you just have to change some lines in the new "nv4_disp.inf".

NOTE: You need an old "nv4_disp.inf" file (eg. 21.83 etc) which contains lines as:
HKR,, NV4_Modes, %REG_SZ_APPEND%, "8 768 576 60 70 72 75 85 100 120 0"

edit the NEW "nv4_disp.inf"
- first, find and change the line "UseCompressedModeFormat",%REG_DWORD%,0 (change the "1" into "0")
- delete all delta-entries (the ones in the compressed format) for all gfx-cards

now open the OLD "nv4_disp.inf"
- find the lines for your gfx-card as explained by §ane
- modify them just as §ane explained
- copy them to the NEW "nv4_disp.inf" right where the old delta-entries were
- install

for me it worked with winxp, geforce 2mx
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Just FYI for those folks wanting to create custom resolutions for use with WinUAE, there is a program out there called PowerStrip which I saw mentioned somewhere else on the board recently, and that program provides the ability to create them without having to manually hack your registry. When I saw it mentioned I made a note to go look for it sometime, and purely by coincidence discovered that it is included on the CD that comes with the current issue of Maximum PC magazine. I'm sure it's probably also available somewhere on the net for download, though I haven't actually looked for it. I installed the program a couple of days ago and added a couple of new resolutions. The process was very simple, and they worked like a charm.
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