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Linux not swapping mouse buttons in emulation

I use an external wireless mouse with a MacBook Pro, which is set up to dual-boot into OS X and Linux Mint 17. The left and right buttons are swapped. I'm not running any special mouse drivers on either OS X or Linux; the buttons are swapped in system preferences.

In OS X, the swapped buttons work just fine in Amiga emulation. In Linux, however, the buttons revert to the default (primary click on left, secondary click on right) in the emulated Amiga environment, and only in the Amiga emulation.

I would have thought the Linux mouse button settings would be global, the way they are in OS X. I guess that's not the case. Is there a setting that I'm missing somewhere? I know I can get a mouse utility for the Amiga to swap the buttons, but I think it would be better for it just to pick up the system setting.
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Hi, unless the operating system swaps the buttons on a low level, it isn't feasible for FS-UAE to pick up such a setting from all possible desktop environments. So it would only work if the OS swaps the buttons before the button events reaches FS-UAE. Presumably, OS X does swap the buttons on a low level (FS-UAE is not aware of the buttons being swapped).

But it wouldn't be very hard for me to add a user-configurable setting for swapping the left and right mouse buttons, if that is desirable...
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That would be great if it's not very difficult to do. The one button-swapping commodity I found doesn't work consistently in AmiKit. There is another, but it modifies the boot block. Not very helpful if you're using a directory for a hard drive.
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xmodmap is low level enough and also affects fs-uae. Type
xmodmap -e "pointer = 3 2 1"
in a terminal and you are done.
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