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Saving your Game Position

I am probably posting this question in completely the wrong place and if so I apologise and hope a kind moderator will move it to its correct location.
I have bought an Amiga A1200 and would like to know how you save a game position like you do in a pc.
For instance, the wife likes Super Frog, comes to the end of the day she switches off and has to start from scratch the next day...can you save, if so how, I would need a step by step guide as I am thick where it comes to these machines.
Many thanks for your patience.
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Graham Humphrey
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Unless there's a save option you can't save it. However in Superfrog, you do get passwords, which you can obtain via the fruit machine subgame.

You'll find that a lot of games don't have save options - most sports, management, strategy and RPGs do but a lot of others won't. A lot have passwords like Superfrog but there are also loads of games that have no passwords or anything like that at all.
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Oh no...I'm doomed, I have bought a game I liked a long time ago called McDonalds land, my old copy was faulty but I remember trying to save my position then without much success, I suppose I'll have to leave it on all night.
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Toni Wilen
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Action Replay cartridges can be used to save game state but it isn't 100% reliable.

EDIT: Oops, A1200 is not AR compatible, needs an A500.
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WinUAE has savestates...
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I've used winuae on my pc before...can you use it on an Amiga to save a games position that you are playing..?
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Originally Posted by Ravenhook View Post
can you use it on an Amiga to save a games position that you are playing..?
Er... no. Guess there is an UAE port for 'beefed up' AmigaOSes. Not sure if it supports savestates though. Just mentioned it, since that is one of the key features of WinUAE compared to a real Amiga. Using an emulator on the same HW it runs on is a tad strange, isn't it?
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Of course, in the case of Superfrog for your wife, you can simply use the level codes that are in HOL (instead of having to manage or not to get them in the gambling machine):

They probably won't reflect exactly the position your wife left the game (beginning of level, not exact number of lives etc...) but at least it will prevent from starting from the beginning until she feels comfortable enough with each level to the point to do a full playthrough.
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Some JST implemented a savestate feature on actual Amiga (no emulator). However this was too unstable and required absolute memory allocation (and extra work in the JST slave to make it work, it was game-specific)

Desert Strike and some others benefit from that.

Well, JST is long gone now
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