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Eek Game Loading Superstition !

im not sure if anyone have this erroneous belief of an amiga disk will load properly on certain conditions ?

Im sure all of you have suffered the classic "DISK FAILURE CLICK LEFT MOUSE BUTTON " those times you tried to load an amiga disk

I have this belief that If I switch the monitor/TV off the game will load properly, and for most times dont expect too much for the game to load and it will load ok

For old disks I tend to pop it onto the slot and let it boot but dont expect anything and just do something else like go to kitchen for a drink and come back to peek if the disk load fine or not.

Sometimes that way I managed to load even the oldest amiga disk I have, funny thing is if I try to repeat the loading in the next hour, I get the Red disk failure message..

Amiga Superstition ?
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You seem to speak about REAL disks, not images, right?

Well, I know this. The actual reason in my case was that the head inside the internal floppy drive was shortly before getting misaligned, so from now on, there was a probability that the game would or would not boot. Then, after some weeks had passed, it was actually misaligned and I had to replace the drive.
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I know what you're talking about, xamigax. A strange thing indeed.

Computers - one of the most logic-governed objects one could think of. So how come logic sometimes goes out of the window, hops on a bus down the road and into the next town?

My Amiga always behaves impeccably when it's just me using it. No opportunity for it to make me look like an ass. It only takes one more person to join in, and...

Me: "Look at this snazzy new thing on my Amiga/Watch me multitask/Let's have a round of Sensi Golf".

Something goes wrong.

Mate: "Something's gone wrong".

Me: "Doh".

You couldn't reproduce it under lab conditions.

I share your pain, man. Although I'm not sure about the benefits of turning the monitor/TV off...
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I had a similar problem with my original A500, I traced it down to the AGNUS chips not being seated properly in the PLCC socket, everyone should remember these problems

I found it by getting a little upset and banging on the top of the A500 and the screen went green, blech :hoo

I opened the case and found the chip was sticking up a bit above the socket, not seated flush. SO I carefully removed the chip to examine both it and the socket and found not problems, but when I re-seated the chip it was sitting flush and so it worked like a champ after this along with the 500 of course
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Into the Wonderful

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I never had these problems with my A500, but me and my friend always used to have this ritual of placing the tape deck of the C64 as far away as possible fron the computer, turning it upside down and placing a towel over it!!
It did seem strange yeah, but it always worked with problem games! I remember Kung Fu master especially wouldnt load without this rather unusual technique.
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hahaha, I've done all of this weird stuff too!

There was game that I had to turn off the Amiga, insert the disk, and turn it on, if I booted the disk while "THE HAND" was showing, the game wouldn't work

Sometimes there was cracktros that I had to skip quickly, if I kept looking at them, the game wouldn't work.

There was game that would freeze while loading, so I had to reset the machine, load the game again, and it would work.

And computers always make you look funny when you want to show something to yours friends. Not only the amiga, put the PC too. It makes your friend think "Man, this guy is completely stupid"

I am one who believes computers have no logic whatsoever... take a look at Akira's Pentium 133
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hehe I thought I was the only one.
I used to hold my old A500 upside down and wiggle it while loading my fav whodunnit game cruise for a corpse ( which apparently the 2nd disk is faulty ).
thinking it will somehow make the A500 feel guilty by not loading the game LOL :laugh
i remember at one time my brother told me to see a GP about this habit

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