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help with captain planet

hi was wondering if anybody can give me any help on saving the dolphins on the water level and help on completeing the heart level to thx
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There are about three dolphins behind chain walls higher up in the level. Shoot the chains and you'll free the dolphins.

If you jump into the submarine you can pick up five or so barrels of waste with a tractor beam and drop them onto the conveyor belt. This should cleanse the water.

The villain of the level is dropping gold coins which turn into the small goldfish. The ice weapon will surround them with a bowl. I'm not sure if this is one of the main tasks.

I didn't get to the "filling the pools" bit as the exit sign appeared early and I went to the next level...

In the hearts level I'm working my way to the right by growing vines with the hearts, but that's as far as I've got (for now).
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In the heart level you need to get up to the top left. To do this you need to grow various vines and to grow them you sometimes need to get into the correct position to drop the hearts on them.

Also use the hearts to make platforms on some of the purple lava pools in order to cross them.

Although the flashing barrels will usually kill you it is also possible to use them to jump higher.

Once you've got to the top left jump into the helicopter (seems to be a bit awkward to get in). Use the net to carry the three elephants to the right and down past the obstacles to the elephant sanctuary.
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Check out the youtube link I put in offtopic. I saw that this thread was about captain planet so thought I'd let you know.
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The fourth level requires the player to destroy bombs with the wind weapon. At one point the path forks with one route leading to the exit and the other to the submarine section.

In the submarine bit use the tractor beam to pick up the balls at the start and drop them on the underwater bombs. Use the currents to send balls down routes you can't go and meet up with them again.

I destroyed all the bombs but still the counter was stuck at 1. I also lit all the torches and destroyed all the barrels but I still couldn't exit past the person. In the end I cheated.

In the fifth level drop boulders on large waste units and build piles of boulders to reach higher sections. Don't get trapped and note that boulders are destroyed on contact with water. In some cases boulders will have to be placed beforehand in order to drop more so they'll pile up without being destroyed.

Destroy all waste and reach the top left hand corner of the map. Then fly three ponies out of pit in a similar manner to the elephants.

The sixth and final level is played as Captain Planet. Destroy waste with wind, quench fire with water, burn wooden barriers with fire, drop boulders on laser guns and stop fiery stuff multiplying with water. Also use the wind to temporarily stop waste waterfalls and pass safely below.

Once you're past the yellow and red striped band robots should appear. Use the wind to blow these down into the waste.

Finally, kill "Duke Nukem" with hearts and see the naff ending!
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a little late but i have posted captain planet levels on youtube


Was my first ever amiga game
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I know bumping an old post is silly ... I've just got a question concerning the final captain planet level:

I defeat all robots then i fly over to where duke nukem is.. 3 robots fall from the screen.. Whatever I do now, I just die.. I can't get past duke nukem and no skill I know harms him / harms the robots. Any ideas?
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Just utubed it .. found out I had to use heart on duke nukems face.. thx anyway

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