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Unhappy WinUAE 0817r3-GUI dissappears/ WinUAE freezes.

I've just been trying the latest version of WinUAE & have been having a LOT of problems with it.
Namely the biggest seems the GUI,(Which I've enabled), is failing 4 times out of 5 say, to come up when I press F12 to swap disks etc.
Instead, what normally happens is the Windows mouse pointer (As opposed to any "Amiga" mouse pointer), appears but then WinUAE freezes up entirely & I cannot even return to whatever game is running.

Even trying the Ctrl-Alt-Delete for the End Task Box in Windows fails to come on.
I have also tried enabling the "Ctrl+F11 to quit WinUAE" & to no avail. I'm running WinUAE on a 16bit 800x600 desktop. Prior to actually calling up the WinUAE Control box whatever games I'm trying to load seem to be booting up fine.

Any thoughts??
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Thumbs down

Still have to say I'm not terribly impressed with this latest version. I've managed to get a smaller 16bit 640x480 fullscreen view which speeds things up markedly, although also did manage the same on a 800x600. But I've had to change from Scanline to Double & Centre the screen horizontally & vertically.

Still experiencing a no. of graphical glitches in games like Superfrog, & Pinball Dreams, titles which look, sound & speed wise run perfectly on WinUAE 08.8r8.

Sound on this latest version only part works at best, chopping in & out with certain musics & effects running, but others not sounding at all.
BTW-this is all on a Win98 based system. Here's hoping that one day a decent Win9x version of WinUAE,(like 08.8r8), is done someday.

I not knocking its development on Win 2000/XP platforms. If they want to write the main WinUAE version on that, fine. But surely there's some Amiga emulation devotee's who might be prepared to take on the "fun" of the Win9x platforms & write a WinUAE version in the mould of 08.8r8's reliability, but more games compatible.
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win98 itself maybe the reason why you fail to recieve the task manager box. This happens quite a lot with win9x. At this point, with XP is targeted for home customers and all, it seems like 9x kernel isn't going to be used on a new os anymore so it won't be a surprise if win98 becomes unsupported by more applications everyday. Since 0.8.8r8 many totally useless versions released. The last one seems ok for me at least I feel it's developing somehow but I'm sure there won't be a better version than 0.8.8r8 for old games. I NEVER managed to get good sound with any other version and new sound options don't make anything easier, in fact there are just too much options to deal with. WinUAE neads a serious clean up.

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