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J.M.D - Bedroom Musician

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[what if] localized CLUT change

Am still not a programmer, and i doubt will be one at this level for a long while, but i sometimes wonder if is possible to have the copper point to a different CLUT per sprite according to location on the screen horizontally, so to have same sprite but different palette used - even though that might produce color clash. I remember Ross saying that the CLUT pointer change procedure takes too much raster time to be useful, but am double checking.
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There is no CLUT pointer. The CLUT is always at the same address, $DFF0180 IIRC. In order to change colors you have to change each CLUT entry.

Given that the sprite only uses four colors, it might be possible. If you don't need the copper for other tricks.
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Lemon. / Core Design

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Sprite actually only uses 3 colours as colour 0 is transparent.

With up to 4 bitplanes active, it would take 24 lo-res pixels to change all 3 colour entries.
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J.M.D - Bedroom Musician

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That makes it sound useless, will miss the sprite coords by 8 pixels -_-
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On AGA you can (kind of) do what you're after with a single write to BPLCON4 - check it out.
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An idea I haven't tested myself:

The sprites are planar, so you could achieve a similar effect by using some planes as an offset to the CLUT. For example: Use attached sprites and organize them as 4 banks with 4 colors each. Then writing a bitplane mask with the copper in SPRxDATA and/or SPRxDATB of one of the attached sprites switches between those "banks". Needs max 2x register write for a bank switch, the copper is able to perform a write every 8 pixels (when not using more than 4 bitplanes), so you can switch a bank every 16 pixels. If you switch the banks always in the same order (e.g. 0-1-3-2), you can get away with one copper write per bank switch.

Does only work with 16 pix wide sprites, but on AGA you have better options anyway, as saimo wrote.

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