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HXC Disk Swapping Woes

I wonder if I could ask for help with my HXC Floppy Emulator?

I have an External HXC set to DF1 connected to an Amiga A1200 (030, 64mb). I also have the latest firmware on it ( It looks like this one...

The problem I have is this, I boot from the drive fine and load the floppy images into the slots OK, but when the game asks me to insert disk 2 or whatever, I push the right button to swap to slot 2, but the Amiga will not detect that I have changed disks. It still thinks that the disk from slot one is loaded, This also happens in Workbench (ClassicWB Full), if I load a new disk the Amiga does not see that I have changed it.

Am I doing something wrong?
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No disk change detection = Bad jumper/switch setting OR/AND damaged floppy cable.
Possible other problem : Amiga 1200 is maybe an Escom version ?
Anyway for the support please have a look to the hxc forum.
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Yes it is an Escom Amiga, does that make a difference then?
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