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Prehistoric-type game Please help!

Hi Pro-Gamers!

I really really really would appreciate if anyone knows what game I'm thinking of...mainly to confirm my version of reality (and also to play it again ;-)

Let's see, it was a side-scrolling horizontal game. I first encountered it on a demo machine which I'm pretty sure was an Amiga probably around the early 90's.

The main character was sort of a caveman--but before you jump to any conclusions--I've researched it and so far I can tell you it was NOT the more "comic" versions like Tark, Bonk, Prehistorik, or anything like that. This was a "serious" game.

The graphics were really good for the time, the characters were fully rendered realistically (ie-no balloon-sized heads and tiny feet and hands).

The game play and character movements (and size) reminded me of such games as Prince of Persia, Flashback, Out of this World, and even Rastan (although not as much redundant killing like the latter.)

The only thing I remember about the game play was that you were this caveman-like individual and you had to rescue imprisoned cave people in a jungle environment. You could fight, but I remember this game also relied on puzzle activity/strategy dealing with pulling levers and that sort of thing. I remember it being kind of hard as you really had to think things out rather than fight your way through.

I'm hoping this is an Amiga game, otherwise my post will get ejected. I do feel, however, that this game may have been cross-platform, as it could have also been on the IBM pc... but when I first played it, it was on a non-IBM or Mac pc...for that time frame, I can only conclude it had to have been an Amiga. It was being demo'ed at Radio Shack.

It possibly had good sound or music. I'm not sure about that, but again, the graphics were really good. Not at all like the cartoonish coloring scheme of say, an older 8-bit or even 16 (like SNES). The resolution seemed also nice--not very pixelated.

I would be extremely grateful for any ideas. I've been searching for so long now and now I'm hoping someone here will know exactly what I'm referring to.

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Wild guess: The Humans?
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here is all prehistoric games.. http://hol.abime.net/hol_search.php?...enre_theme=119
maybe is Chuck Rock ,or the Joe & Mac?
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Shadow of the Beast II? http://hol.abime.net/1892

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Perhaps, in case you have mixed memories and therefore the hero is not a caveman, it could be Bermuda Syndrome:
[ Show youtube player ]
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Possibly Shadow of the Beast II

Hey guys! Thanks for the quick replies.

The Humans, and other caveman games I had all looked at before, again too upbeat/happy cavemen...this was darker or more serious.

lilaurl: The background looks sort of the way *thought* I remember it, however, I can tell you without a doubt that it wasn't the Bermuda Syndrome. Namely, because I'd remember that cavegirl babe! But, cool looking game nonetheless.

s2325: I'm 90% sure that that must have been the game...The game music really brings back a strong memory...but there's something odd about it...I remember a group of prisoners in a cage in a village setting (jungle-ish) and somehow you were able to free them. I didn't see this in a youtube video walkthru. It's a shame, because the music really is dead on with the percussion-type drumming, the hero is also familiar---well you know what, I think that must have been the game.

I wish I was more surer about this, but I'd only seen it twice back then, and never got a chance to really play much of it. I do remember that it was unforgiving and challenging, and from the looks of the game that fits.

Perhaps lilaurl is right and my memories are mixed, if so, than at least one of the games was definitely Shadow of the Beast II....I just can't shake the memory of that group of natives in cages...and I thought there was more flora in the backgound like there is in Bermuda Syndrome, and I don't recall at all the intro to Shadow...probably due to never seeing it at that point (the person playing it must have skipped past it). But the time-frame is also right: 1990.

s2325, Thanks so much!!! I'll have to see if I can find that.

Now if only I can remember that group of prisoners from that (other?) game...and that Japanese B-movie from my childhood memories. lol!

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Simple village with natives and some trees is in Shadow of the Beast III http://hol.abime.net/1893/screenshot. But you don't need to free anyone.
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Happy Not 3

No, Shadow of the Beast 3 does not look familiar at all.

I don't normally have a problem disfiguring my memories, but nearly the whole part of Shadow of the Beast 2 fits them. The music, the main character, and that blinking dragon head. It's the right type of gaming with both fighting and puzzle solving.

It bothers me that that one scene I keep thinking of isn't in the game, and I never expected that. But definitely, the majority of what I was thinking of was Shadow 2.

But, I guess that's as perfect as I'm going to get. The good news is I never expected to ever find out what this game is, so really S2325 thanks a lot!

And thanks to everyone brainstorming!!!


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