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Amiga500 JEC 512kb Memory Expansion Card Problem

Hi everyone on EAB!

I was registered here earlier when I together with my father had some problem with making a RGB->Scart cable for our Amiga 500. This worked out well in the end and I have since played through some old classics together with my brothers (Space Crusade, Simon the Sorcerer, Black Crypt).

However, a couple of weeks ago while me and my brother was beginning a Cannon Fodder play-through we ran into some problems after trying to load a saved game. The dreaded Guru Meditation screen popped up. Afterwards it wasn't possible to start the game. Soon after that I began to notice that the Guru Meditation screen popped up more frequently, up to the point of not being able to play any games.

After some troubleshooting I noticed that our memory expansion card seemed to be the problem. By having the card switched off (using external disable jumper) everything worked fine (no guru meditation) - with the exception of not being able to play games with a requirement of 1mb memory of course. I opened up the expansion trap door, took out the card and examined it. It seemed fine except for the battery, which had begun to leak some orange stuff (battery acid?). The acid had however not touched the board itself, so my father and I removed the battery, cleaned the board using trichlor-trifluoroethane (electronic cleaning product) and tried attaching an old non-rechargable 3v camera battery (to replace the old 3.7v battery, I guess we should have used a rechargeable one?).

After testing the computer with the memory expansion card in place and switched on nothing happened. Only a gray screen. We took out the memory card and removed the battery (I read somewhere that the battery is only required for keeping track of the current time, nothing critical I guess if the only thing you want to use the computer for is gaming, right?) and tried again with the same result. We opened up the amiga and began to check if everything looked ok, which it did to our eyes. No other leaking battery, nothing which looked out of order. Especially the expansion card itself seemed to look ok.

Now to the weird part. After waiting a week after this happened I tried yet again to switch on the Amiga with the memory card in place and switched on. This time it worked, bootscreen showed up and everything seemed ok - at least for a few seconds, after which the Amiga began to flash its power LED, restart itself to a gray screen and keep doing this every 6 LED blink (5 short blinks followed by 1 long, followed by a restart to a gray or sometimes white screen, no bootscreen). After turning off the computer and retrying to start it I just get the same behaviour. If I however turn of the memory card then everything will work (except for not being to play games which require 1mb of memory).

Is there anything I could do to resolve this problem or is the memory card simply dead for some reason?

Kickstart version:

Expansion memory card:
JEC 512kb, model JEC-910701 (http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/jec512)


Expansion memory card:

I really appreciate any help you can provide.
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Soft light pictures don't help.

It once had a battery on it and it's likely that when it leaked it started to eat out either a trace or a via. Other possibility is that one of the joints has started to fail.

Get another RAM expansion and send that one off to someone for repair, there's no quick and simple solution.
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Originally Posted by Darkkanex View Post
Is there anything I could do to resolve this problem or is the memory card simply dead for some reason?
Did you wash/clean card correctly after accumluator removing?

Perhaps is not to late to wash - just use even normal tap water for this, later dry card very well perhaps with hair drier.
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Is it perfectly safe to clean the memory card with tap water (no risk of any further damage)? If so, should one just submerge it in the water for a few minutes and then let it dry out somewhere?

I tried to take some new pictures of the front and back of the memory card in sunlight:

If it however would come to buying a new memory expansion card do any of you have any tips on a good reliable site which sells such things?

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