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New to Amigas and FS-UAE, help with sharing data between VM and host.

Greetings, I am rather new to Amigas, owned C64 until I bought a Cyrix 486 for myself with my grocery store money! So bear with me if ANY of this is obvious to an actual competent Amiga owner.

So I got two VMs made -- A4000 68K with os 3.9, A4000 PPC with os4.1. Neither of them I can give the drivers to for the NIC. So no networking. All of the tricks I googled (passing the lha as a floppy image, shared host drive with the archives in there) worked at all. The closest I got was FS-UAE having a shitfit over the host folder map on boot on the 4.1 install. If I can get ONE of them connected I can download the driver from aminet to a shareable ADF or HDF the others' drivers.

So before I just outright bribe someone to make me an ADF of the drivers, what I am I missing? I would like to toy around and get a feel for stuff before fixing my two broken Amigas up or even pimping them out with all the nifties my ST and 64 have.

Fedora 32 x64 Host
Kickstarts procured from Amiga Forever installed via wine and Archive.org
Bought the classic version of 4.1F from Hyperion last week, not sure where I got my 3.9 stuff from to be honest.

Other than networking, both VMs seem to be in good working order.
Attempting to install the ethernet driver here - http://de4.aminet.net/driver/net/Ethernet.readme (yeah, I know thats the readme).

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I'm running Fedora 32, the same as you. Are you using fs-uae-launcher? This app makes it easy to configure FS-UAE. You can map a local Linux drive as an Amiga disk relatively easily. You click on the Hard Disk tab at the top, then click on the orange folder icon to the right of one of the four drives. This will "mount" the Linux drive as an Amiga drive, and is what I use for easy interchange of files between Linux and the Amiga. You can also select adf files to mount as floppies either by clicking the icon to the right of one of the floppy drives and add to a specific drive, or you can click the + sign next to "Media Swap List" and add multiple floppy images. These are available to mount in any drive when you press F12 inside FS-UAE.

Regarding networking, you don't need a driver if you want to use the Linux native network stack and hardware. Just make sure that under the circuit board tab that "UAE bsdsocket.library" is selected. This allows AmigaOS apps to connect to the network and do TCP/IP. Apps which use ICMP (ping for example) won't work, however.

I can't help so much with 4.1 as I only run classic AmigaOS under FS-UAE.
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I'd just create and format an ADF in FS-UAE, then mount it as writeable in Linux.

The Linux kernel has read and write support for ADF images formatted with OFS or FFS without dircache/international mode.

sudo mount -t affs -o loop floppy-image.adf /path/to/mountpoint
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You can also create a HDF (hard disk file) which you can share between a classic Amiga configuration, and the AmigaOS 4.1 one. In the classic Amiga configuration, you can have both a directory hard drive and the .hdf mounted, and copy the files from the host to the .hdf. Then you shut this Amiga down, boot the AmigaOS 4.1 configuration, and the files should be available.

(Once FS-UAE 4.0 is out, hopefully directory hard drives will work well with AmigaOS 4.1 directly, avoiding this)
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