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CPU profile 68UAE

Hello all, I write this post you to explain One idea.

AmigaUAE users are amazed with all the emulated Hardware we can get for WinUAE, Amiberry, etc...

Now it is coming the PcBridgeBoard that lets us to load x86 code under AmigaUAE....

We all know perfectly to PiStorm or A314 that uses a Rpi ARM CPU to process c code much faster than a real 68k...

It means we can use Bridges or New parts for supply real Hardware without needing for emulate it.

uaeGFX library can be used to get an UAEZorro RTG
uaeAHI can get the best for audio on AmigaUAE

And what If its made a 68UAE CPU profile?
It will be as the Apollo's 68080 that it is an FPGA running as a new powered 68k CPU.

As PiStorm can comunĂ­cate with piOS to share memory and resources from Raspberry, AmigaUAE can comunĂ­cate with WinUAE to do the same and It could be possible to make a 68UAE CPU to natively run on ARM or x86 without needing to translate all the AmigaOS system or modifyng the whole AmigaOS Becouse apps can be launched in to the host side.

ApolloOSr7 is almost in the way, making its open AmigaOS and It supports theirs Vampire Hardware Based on an FPGA.

Then, it is possible to use that to execute natively ARM or X86 or whatever processors apps in AmigaOS and make it work at full.

AmigaUAE can port or prepare Linux or Windows apps Based on ARM or x86. Aros has lot of code made for user interface and system Native for all platforms...

In fact there is an ArosX86 branch that can be used with WinUAE and make it Real as easy as joinning all the parts.

The PcBridgeboard can be suplied with a new version for launching Windows Installed apps in AmigaUAE-OS side, using the Windows host system, or WindowsPE or like as Host for WinUAE... In this way AmigaOS can has its own WinE like for running Windows Apps natively inside AmigaOS.

The CPU 68UAE Profile will let compatibility to get ARM or x86 power in AmigaOS as 68080 does with Vampire boards.

And we can spect to get ports to AmigaOS for Batocera, Blender, Krita, LibreOffice, Brave Browser or use MS365 or whatever as a subsystem or docking app for AmigaOS going in this way.

I mixed few concepts, sorry If I won't clear...
1. CPU UAEprofile Based on the 68080 idea to stepup AmigaOS power.
2. UAE Bridge Based on PiStorm to understand similitudes with UAE.
3. Know it is possible to launch apps in the hosting system to get natively ARM/x86 apps in AmigaOS as WinE or a subsystem does.
4. Use the Hardware In the host to get Native ports for modern and powerfull apps into AmigaOS UAE
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Wow, thats so nice idea!

It works great.

This is just what Apollo team did to introduce their Vampire's boards.

The CPU library could bring us Hardware resources from the Host side. Doesn't matters the technology If it is used as standart CPU profile.

68UAE will let AmigaOS to send process to WinUAE /Amiberry /Vampire /PiStorm or whatever hosting moderno resources.

In WinUAE /Fsuae case, we can setup an emulated Amiga with Hardware boards and a CPU 68UAE to introduce Native modrrn resources as it does PiStorm or Vampire boards (68080)
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ApolloOS is so great to start playing with this but AmigaOS also will be able in all versions OS3x or OS4x by using UAE libraries and in real Amiga Hardware will improve the emulation when we use a PPC accelerator in A1200/2000/4000 and a Raspberry PiStorm
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