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Mediator LT4 and Ati Radeon problems

Hi guys,

For the last week I have tried to get the Radeon 9250 to work, It shows up on pciinfo and picasso96, When adding a screens resolution and clicking the test button on picasso96 the system locks up and there is no output on the card.

Current jumper config.

Currently installed PCI.library 9.11 and Radeon.card 2.23, I already sent a e-mail to register the Mediator and CD but no answer.
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What sort of Radeon are you using.

Is it something you bought of ebay or other sites, or is it by an Amiga reseller.

Reason I ask is that I bought a Radeon on ebay, that I couldn't get to work, as it was one of those who is incompatible, as not all are.
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Does the old LT even support the radeon cards? It would need 5v version of the radeon cards and they are likely rare as hens teeth assuming the drivers support radeon on the LT at all.

The TX and ATX power is what you would ideally have for radeon support and also for the ability to use radeon memory as system memory.
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It's a 5v Radeon 9250 128MB, i bought if from Amigakit.com along with the Mediator back in 2011 they advertised it as been compatible with the mediator LT4, It's powered by a 460W coolmaster psu packed in to a EZ Z4 Tower.
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Then the card should be ok, as I have one od those as well, and it works fine.

I don't have a LT4, so no clue if they are compatible or not with the Radeon.

Have you got an accelerator with more memory. I think you must have more than 2 mb chipmem for it to work, and have even more for you to set memory=8mb
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I'm using E-Matrix 1230/40Mhz Accelerator with 32mb Ram.

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Looking at the manual, your jumper config should be:


The wait should be open on all boards. It's not used according to manual.

If that doesn't solve it, I'm afraid I am at my wits end here.
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Try disabling the CPU caches at the beginning of the s:startup-sequence

CPU nocache >NIL:

Also please try the MedConfig and post the output from it.
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Kin Hell
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Originally Posted by amigakit.com View Post
Try disabling the CPU caches at the beginning of the s:startup-sequence

CPU nocache >NIL:

Also please try the MedConfig and post the output from it.
CPU cache really shouldn't even be in the equation but as Viserion points out, Memory=8MB, Config=closed & Wait=open should be fine. However, 2Mb Chip is Max on an A1200 so I guess he meant to say Fast Ram & that needs to be a minimum of 4Mb.

One question for OP:

Is graphics card in Top Slot of LT4? - If yes, do a MedConfig run & post output from it. If your LT4 is an older model, the MACH Chips might need an upgrade.
Afaik, they are only available from Elbox, unless of course, AmigaKit can help.

Imo, if you can see the Radeon using pciinfo and picasso96, it's strange you get a lock up? - When using a Voodoo card on LT4, pciinfo and picasso96 never saw the Voodoo & LT4 needed a MACH chip upgrade for the Voodoo to be seen and work.

Perhaps a fresh install might be the way to go. Mediators are very fussy if there are trails of previous graphics drivers on the Amiga OS.

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I have added CPU nocache >NIL: to startup-sequence, With success my system is now running with out locking up when selecting Picasso96 screen modes.

Using the following jumper config Memory=8MB, Config=closed & Wait=open with pciinfo displays I can't open pci.library!

The internet is working the only problem is the spider usb card, Poesiden displays this error Failure/poeisdon.library/opening Devs:USB Hardware/Spider.Device Unit 0 failed/Unit failed to open (-1).

The ram from the Radeon is not showing up as FAST RAM im going to assume it's my accelerator ?!?!?

MedConfig >> http://pastebin.com/5bxEyQaU

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