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C Code without official includes

Hi coders.

How would I go about doing a basic Hello world with out using the official includes, is there a way to do it like you can in Assembler? Putting all the system calls in a different header file or at the top of the source, so other people can compile it with the freeware version of Dice.

OpenLibrary(),CloseLibrary(),Output(),Write() ??

Any tips would be much apreciated.

I would like to be able to call different ROM functions via C, I know it can be easily done with Assembler, just wondering if it's just as easy with C.
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The official includes are as free as Dice is. Why would you want to omit them?

Dice: http://aminet.net/dev/c/dice-3.16.lha
Includes: http://www.haage-partner.de/download/AmigaOS/NDK39.lha


lha -xa x dice-3.16.lha work:dice-rel-3.16/
lha -xa x NDK39.lha work:
put this into s:user-startup:

assign DCC: Work:dice-rel-3.16
assign DLIB: DCC:dlib
assign DINCLUDE: DCC:include
path DCC:abin add
set DCCOPTS -// -proto -3.9 -D__USE_SYSBASE
;END Dice C
and reboot.

Then either

copy work:NDK_3.9/Include/include_h dinclude:amiga39 all clone

makelink dinclude:amiga39 work:NDK_3.9/Include/include_h force
if your file system supports this.

Then clean up the Dice includes like this:

cd dinclude:
list ~(amiga39) all files lformat="if exists amiga39/%p%n*n delete %p%n*nendif" >ram:qqq
execute ram:qqq


cd dlib:
copy work:NDK_3.9/Include/linker_libs/amiga.lib amiga39l.lib
libtos amiga39l.lib amiga39s.lib

Test program:

#include <proto/dos.h>

int main (void)

Printf ("Hello World\n");
return (RETURN_OK);
compile with

dcc hello.c -o hello
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You can even run DICE under OSX

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thomas: thanks, never knew that the SDK was freely available
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