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adf to disk and ziriax

hello,thanks to a few individuals on this board i am now happily sticking adfs onto amiga format disks and running them on my trusty miggy,but i have a problem.
i notice some adfs are a single large file,for example ziriax,which is a single 1.9 meg file,so how can this be shoved onto amiga format floppys using something like adf2disk (i seem to remember this game being on a single floppy all those years ago,was it heavily compressed onto a single floppy and again in adf form years later?).also my a1200 ram disc wont hold a reconstituted file of this size,and even if it could,would the game run if the file was spread over 3 floppys,even though i dont think adf2disk would let me do this as the file is not 3 seperate 880k discs like other 3 disk adfs.
any tips would be appreciated as this game is one of the best shooters i have ever played(it does run in winuae but i want to be able to assign the weapon select buttons to joystick commands with my action replay 3 cartridge as this game is way too hard to be fumbling for the keyboard mid game !!).
cheers in advance,
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2 contact me: email only!

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Hooooo Your Ziriax is not a normal ADF

Whoever packed up Ziriax either:

1. Used Disk2FDI to make the file.
2. Used RawRead to make the file.
3. Possibly used MFMWarp/NOMADWarp (unlikely).
4. Posted a bad/corrupt file.

Either way you are basically screwed and will need to obtain a standard cracked ADF which is 901,120 bytes long to play on your real Amiga.

To check what the file you have is, open the file in a binary (hex) viewer/editor and read the first few bytes. You'll most likely see something like ADF-EXT1 or MFM or NOMAD etc which tells you what the file is.

[It's very annoying to me how big shithouse companies like Microsoft try and dumb down the end user by never showing what a file actually looks like in hex, they refuse to open it with a default program and just leave the end user confused. Death to Microsoft! Rant over.]

You should read the FAQ first and search at jambo.abime.net for the game which yields two (untested) links to the game.

BTW, I helped with the WHDLoad version of Ziriax and the game is a terminally dull boring shoot'em-up if you ask me!
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My memory is weak on this one, but I believe the programmer created this special format disk in a similar (or the same?) manner as Factor 5 did with their games, so it would be a replica of the original. And thus, no way to return it to a normal disk again. I think this is available on his site, but I am at work and don't have my files here for reference. Will check it out when I get home.
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OK, I thought this was how the story went, but I didn't wanna commit to it until I could get home and check my notes.

Ziriax was written by Peter Verswyvelen (with his team The Whiz Kids) in 1990 for The Software Business publishing house. The cracked version that was released by Tarkus Team was a stolen beta copy and, according to Peter, was never released. I'm not sure if the site still exists or not, but Peter had a page where he detailed info on his games (including the unfortunate tales of being ripped off by publishers - an all-too-common reality for bedroom coders of that era). On this page, he offered up copies of his software. The extended adf version of that game was cracked by Peter himself from a production sample. Peter's inspirations for the game are the Konami games Nemesis (aka Gradius) and Thundercross.

I conversed with Peter in email, nice guy. I offered him a copy of that ill-fated Tarkus Team release, but he wasn't interested.
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ziriax replys

thanks for the info guys,
just out of interest,i have now found a 880k version of ziriax and have stuck it on an amiga floppy.yes it can seem a little dull at first,but it does improve a lot the further you get into the levels and it does hark back to the days of hard solid gameplay and a lot of the baddies have a reasurring familiarity about them,like an old friend turning up !.

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