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[Found: Mr Wobbly Leg Versus The Invaders From Space] Space-Invaders game?

Hi, there was a very cool space-invaders game I can remember on the Amiga. It was very similar to the regular plain versions of the game, except it had some extra cool weapons and extra cool sound-fx. Most of all I remember the sound, because it had what sounded like voices saying "Jam Jam Jam" all the time, whenever an alien ship fired. There was also a Michael Jackson kind of high voiced "hooo" when you got... shot... I think, or maybe when you first started a level... can't remember. Anyway, I believe there were also some power-ups to pick up, giving you some cooler weapons than just your average laser.

So let me know if this sounds familiar, as I'd love to have another go at this old favourite.

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Graham Humphrey
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Mr Wobbly Leg Versus The Invaders From Space?

Think I got there first this time
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Maybe Super Space Invaders?

Thread moved again
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Thanks guys, I believe Mr Wobbly Leg wins it this time, although that Super Space Invaders looks interesting.

Thanks for the help... I can now, finally, rest easy.
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Wasn't Mr Wobbly Leg the winner for some Bullfrog amiga programming contest?
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Graham Humphrey
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Yeah, if you check issue 16 of Amiga Power it should be in there (providing that article is on AMR).
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