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Thanks Torti-the-Smurf for all the info, i've been away for the last week so haven't had a chance to fire the Amiga up and play around with it.
I'll go through all the stuff in your post and see if i am missing something.
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Allright. Hope that everything will go smooth as planed.

The first big hurdle for some is to get a CF card that works. (you can also go the SD adapter way if you want)
I use a SanDisk 4GB CF and its working like a charm, but i also tried a transend and SD cards.
All worked but one Transend did not. (I would stick to 4GB but or not over 8GB)
This is the first thing "to get right". (you can also set up the CF card in Winuae, if you want ... )

The CF/SD is THE fundament that has to be solid, so that everything else runs smooth like it should.
If you have all set and done, you will love it.
The A600 Furia became my favorite Amiga. (and i had them all, besides A1000/A2000/A3000)

I love this little thing, its so cute but very powerful for a classic Amiga.
(hmm i would upload my all prepared CF setup, but i think setting it all up is half the fun, right ?

Greetings, Torti.

PS:If you need any help, just give me a call.

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