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A3000 with SCSI CD-ROM

I just got an Amiga 3000/25 to be used for reviving old memories and more. I used to have an Amiga 1000 and a 2000 but I'm afraid I'm quite unfamiliar with newer things like CDROM/HD etc. so I really need some basic help to get started with this.

My A3000 starts up fine in 2.04 and the HD works. However, to be able to transfer things my intention is to add a SCSI-CD.

I got two old SCSI-CDs. One internal from a mac (AppleCD 300+) and one external Yamaha CRW4260tx that could be connected on the internal SCSI cable. The internal HD have deviceID 3 and so I use 1 for the CDROM.

To get a CD file-system I managed to get AmiCDROM-files to the 3000 but could for some reason not start any installation in it. So instead I tried to put the files where I thought they should reside (in L and in DEVS) and updated the mountlist.

The mountlist referred to a scsi.device which I can't find anywhere and I'm not sure if I should rename the file from AmiCROM or how those things actually work. I've tried a number of ways but get a "Cannot open scsi.device on unit 1" error when I boot.

Could somebody please push me in the right direction to solve this?
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scsi.device is loaded from ROM and is memory resident, so you can't find it, it's normal.

First thing you should check is to see if the CDROM is detected in the SCSI chain. You can check via simple program like sysinfo. If it's not detected, check for termination problems.

if it's present, you should have a mount file in devs:dosdrivers with the proper device name (scsi.device) and unit number (1 in your case) these can be specified either in the file or as a tooltype. if you don't use the auto mount option, you have to double click on the mount file and there must be a clean/working CD inside the CD ROM.
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First step solved!

I can stop searching for scsi.device then

Actually this was exactly the help I needed. Using sysinfo I realized the problem was it couldn't be detected (using sysinfo-drives-scsi) and eventually that the cable I have didn't work as expected. But after some cable-changing I got the AppleCD to show up. And it shows up on workbench also.
Thank you!
I wonder what the "parity" and "block size" (only on the Yamaha) changes on the CDROM do. It seems parity is active right now anyway. Could this cause trouble if not correct?

So...I got a CDROM working. Great! I intend to transfer a few adf-images using it. Is there/where a program for copying those to floppies?
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Originally Posted by jeppea View Post
Is there/where a program for copying those to floppies?
I use EasyADF that I bought from Amigakit but theres also adfblitzer on Aminet, not tried it myself but I understand it works

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I use: http://aminet.net/package/disk/misc/adf2disk11

It's command line but works fine, just install it in C folder.

On basic amiga setup, just double click on ADF image, it opens RUN dialog.

Then type in front of the file name like this: adf2disk myimagefile.adf and press enter, and make sure you have disk in the drive.

For me it works faster than GUI stuff.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check it it out tonight.

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