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Remote C/C++ debugging?


I came across http://vincent.riviere.free.fr/soft/m68k-atari-mint/

And the interesting bit (for me) is:
Quick HOWTO for remote debugging using Cygwin and ARAnyM:
Let say that your ARAnyM IP address is, and you want to debug an executable named hello using the TCP port 4444. Any unused port between 1024 and 65535 can be used.
Make sure TCP/IP works between Cygwin and ARAnyM (check with ping in both directions).
Compile hello with debug information: m68k-atari-mint-gcc hello.c -o hello -g
Keep the executable with debug information on Cygwin, and put a copy (or stripped copy) into ARAnyM (or better: use HOSTFS).
On ARAnyM, run the command gdbserver :4444 hello
gdbserver will start hello in suspended mode and will wait for incoming connections. No further action will be required on the ARAnyM side (except looking at the program output).
On Cygwin, run the command m68k-atari-mint-gdb hello.
At the (gdb) prompt, type target remote
On both sides, the message "Remote debuggin using..." will be displayed.
On Cygwin, use gdb as usual. Put a breakpoing using b main. Then type cont (instead of run), because the remote process has already been started remotely.
Debugging can be more user-friendly !
Run m68k-atari-mint-gdb with the --tui option to enable full-screen source debugging.

You can even use the graphical debugger ddd for remote debugging MiNT programs.

On Cygwin, install the ddd package.
On ARAnyM, run gdbserver as described above.
On Cygwin, start X-Window with the command startx.
In the xterm window, type ddd --debugger m68k-atari-mint-gdb hello
In the ddd command window, type the target remote... command.
Use ddd as usual !
So...anyone attempted/failed/achieved this or something similar to this on Amiga? What's missing to have this?
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The Code PRobe debugger on SAS/C does something similar.
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