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amiga ppc systems

hi does the ppc amiga 4.1 sam flex system do video editing like the 4000 and 2000 did or better or can they do video editing ? I was thinking of buying a ppc sam flex system

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OS4 Sams can use Blender to do video editing, which for me it is a bit awkward and far fetched for a 3D tool, which is not the friendliest of all.

On Classics, you can do much easier and better jobs if you have the required hardware and sofware combinations:

FrameMachine + Framemachine software
Vlab Motion + Tocatta + Movieshop 4.x
Newtek Flyer + Flyer software
TBCIV + PAR + Sunrize soundcard
Broadcaster Elite + Producer 2.1
Mediator + BT8x8 TV turner card + VHI Studio

If I had to choose a setup for video editing on Amiga, I would go for the Vlab Motion/Tocata + Movieshop 4.x setup.
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The video editing on the Amiga is very much outmoded. It dates back to Analog days when digital effects were applied over time base corrected analog video.

The Amiga video editing software available on Classic Amiga and SAM is unbelievably primitive compared to what is available both free and commercially on Windows or MacOS today. (Not to mention dog slow)

It is certainly not a reason to buy a Sam IMO.
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You forgot to mention Linux in that post
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I didn't.
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Workbitch 1.3

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