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Linking PC, Amiga and Mac.

i'd like to get my WinXP PC, iBook and A1200 to be able to transfer files betweem each other and share a internet connection.
Amiga has a wireless PCMCIA nic, iBook wireless adapter built in and PC ordinary 100mbit adapter.
I'm gonna move soon and i don't know yet, if there is a DSL or a cable connection (if that makes a difference). What additional hardware should i get to complete that task?
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I'm not a great expert @ such things, but have recently got my various PC's + 'Amiga' happily networking - mixture of wireless + cable connections.

For what it's worth I'd recommend hooking them all together with a Firewall Router. ( Netgear DG384G )
+ Makes connecting the 'putes child's play.
+ No messing with setting up internet connection sharing.
+ You get a proper firewall.
+ Lots more.....
- More money.
You will need to buy depending on your future connection type.

The worst part is getting the Amiga TCP stack + SAMBA + SMBFS setup...

The greatest benefit of this particular setup is that all your questions will hopefully have been answered in this thread:
....as I've probably already asked most of them
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hey...the amiga can talk to your xp very easily with

this would be the easiest way in my opinion to transfer..use the xp box as a sort of share folder for the ibook and amiga

of course you could also set up an ftp server on the mac...

but yea
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After much painful fiddling with SAMBA, and even SMB on a normal Windows network, my solution is just to set up FTP servers on the Amiga, Mac and Windows, and share files that way.

The Mac has one built-in (enabled using the "Sharing" menu in the System Preferences app if you've got Tiger), Filezilla (from Sourceforge) is a pretty good open-source FTP server for Windows, and rc-ftpd from the Aminet will probably do as an Amiga server (can't remember what I'm running).
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