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Roll eyes (sarcastic) Icon image swapping

in WB 3.x under WAUE how do you change the ICons og theitems on the workbench.. I know this is dumb but I have forgotten alot of my old amiga skills ( still own an A500 running WB 1.3).

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Just to refresh your memory if a program is called File1 then it's icon will be called File1.info the icons are not embedded into the executable like they are with Windows (95+).

If you just want to swap one icon for another then all you have to do is copy one .info file over another for example to change the more icon to the multiview icon you would open a shell and enter copy sys:utilities/Multiview.info sys:utilities/More.info However I don't recommend doing this as Amiga icons have different types (Disk, Tool, Project, Garbage & Drawer) which will confuse the hell out of Workbench and cause problems with Tool Types, Comments, Stack size, etc.

To actually edit the images and manipulate icon types you will need an Icon Editor, the one that comes with Workbench (in the Tools drawer) is adequate for simple editing but you may want to try a third party editor like Iconian which is free and more fully featured.
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Eeeek! NO.... never just copy one I con over the other... you'll loose any tooltype settings...

There are several icon image preplacing programs on aminet, most just open a window where you drop the icon you want the image from on one side and the icons you want to have that image on the other... eg. drop a drawer icon on the left then all your other drawer on the right and all the icons are changed in one easy go...

If you are using 3.5+ just call up the icon information and drag'n'drop the new image you want over the old one in the information window.
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Yes, this is an old post, but the question I have is how do I copy an Amiga Forever-Amikit icon to a Hard disk allowed to write/read.
I've tried dropping the icon information over the ones in my harddrive and too with copy icon, but I can't get those icons images; well, I get them in WinUAE, but I want them in the real Amiga, and I can't...
How can I copy them?
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