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some detective game

Hi I am trying to think of a game I last played at school back in 94.

It was system friendly so it wasn't a NDOS disk I think.

Any way you were a detective, you started in a room, and you headed out the door. And some mobsters were after you. so you had to try to get out of the building. But I never did, I only made into the hall way, and to the window, by then the mobsters caught me and then had killed me.

I don't know how old the game was I think it could of been 88-92, any way that game only lasted a day, as the Teacher got rid of it, because he only allowed *educational* software at school *sigh*.

Other things about the game.

It showed a picture, and then you typed your way around the game ie like Leisure suit Larry.

Ie open door, go north etc.

I hope this is enough information for some one to find the game name.
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Borrowed Time?

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Cheers man thats the game "borrowed time" your a legend. How easy was it to guess the game from the information I gave to you ?!?!?!?

must of been one of the first games out since it was 85.

Now to find a copy =]. I hope amiganostalgia has it.
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Just to jump in - to get out of the room you have to hide behind the chair then run up the stairs and out of the windows (you break the window - remember to pick up a piece of glass) and then go across the wire and cut it..

That should get you started on this excellent game...
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