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Floppy disk CDTV OS 2.35 First Impressions

After a lot work (Mainly with the LINUX command line, I have finally produced working 2.35 Extended ROMs for the CDTV

Tests so far are in WinUAE

First impressions are good as some disks do 'boot' although just to an AmigaDOS CLI but are useable (LSD Compendium Deluxe 3 (1995) was one) - I managed to get the Amigaguide menu open and run the executable demos fine

It depends on the startup-sequence and also which kickstart you have as to the results and of course memory, cpu etc, i,e a lot of old disks came shipped with WorkBench 1.3, 2.05 and 3.0 but in the startup they would assume CD32 for the 3.0 and add the maxspeed or doublespeed option (The only way in this case is either to boot it in 1.3 or 2.05 if you have rom switcher (I have 1.3/3/1 switcher in mine) or alternatively use makecd and modfy the startup yourself

I've already created my ROM chips and will put them into my real cdtv and see how I get on but overall they work really well.

I will check through all of my CDs with the old ROM and then put in a pile of the ones that don't boot (I currently boot from floppy) and then put in the new ROM and then try them

I don't have CD+G but I will see if I can download some to try
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If anyone is reading this wondering what he's talking about, one of the new features of Extended ROM 2.35 is to be able to boot CDs previously non-bootable on CDTV
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Some more info here which contains the link to the developers website:


I have created my actual 2.35 Extended ROM Chips and they worked first time - useful now to be able to boot some of those old CUCDs and everything else seems to work great so overall I am very happy with them

Some things that would be good in a future version (if they are possible)

1. Ability to set PAL/NTSC mode so I don't have to go into the early start menu (Which I can only do in KickStart 3.1)
2. Recognize things like Setpatch AGA and maxspeed/doublespeed and ignore them (This would help some of those CD's which will only boot to Workbench 3.0 on CD32)
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