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Cubo CD32 - Interesting news from MAMEDevs...

Originally Posted by http://mamedev.com/
MAME 0.118u4

August 30th, 2007
The most recent update to MAME 0.118 is now available on the Latest Release page. This update consists primarily of a number of nice internal updates, including better Amiga system support (heading toward getting the Cubo CD32 games working eventually) from Ernesto Corvi, more DIP switch improvements and cleanup from stephh and Alex Jackson, some more improvements to the MIPS CPU cores, and a greatly expanded i386 disassembler. Check it out, and visit MAME Testers to report any issues.
Originally Posted by whatsnew_0118u4.txt
Amiga updates: [Erneso Corvi]
- Implemented ECS-Only BLTCON0L register
- Modified the amiga_interface structure to add a nmi callback and
a flags variable.
- Added AGA chipmem mask definition
- Added 32 bit data bus support to chipram. It's automatically used
if the chipset is AGA.
- Added clock chip constants in machine/amiga.h for 68k PAL and NTSC,
and 68EC00 NTSC. Updates drivers to use those constants.
- Added convenience macros to determine wether we're running with an
ECS chipset, AGA chipset, or 'ECS or AGA chipset'.
- Changed autoconfig reads to return 0x0000 instead of 0xffff.
- Fixed MSB value timer reads on the 8520 cia. We were previously only
updating the count for the timer when the LSB value was read.
- Added basic Akiko emulation to the cubocd32 driver. Both the Chunky
to Planar converter, and the I2C NVRAM should be fully implemented,
however, the CDROM functionality is not complete. It's only enough
to make the kickstart pass the Akiko checks.
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why not in the news section.
Oh wait the ghost will move it to another area this night
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