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HELP!!! Grapevine Diskmag Articles: Volunteers Wanted

Right, a quick explanation to what I'm doing. I am converting the Grapevine Diskmags to PDF (complete)

I can get hold of the the contents of #01 - #04 from bitfellas, but #05 - #07 will have to be hand written unless I can persuade Mr Oakvalley to rip the text using his Screenshot OCR proggy, or, if someone has the time and knowledge to disassemble issues #05 - #07 to retrieve the contents of the articles, either one would be greatly appreciated

So don't worry too much about those issues at this time

I would like a few volunteers to to help in the form of saving out the articles as .txt files using this filename 'Gv_09-Article###.txt' (the '###' represents the number allocated to the actual article (3 digit number) and '.txt' can be omitted when saving as it's automatically added) and that's about it
  • GV#08
  • * GV#09 (Being Processed)
  • GV#10
  • GV#11
  • GV#12
  • GV#13
  • GV#14
  • GV#15
  • GV#16
  • GV#17
  • GV#18
  • GV#19
  • GV#20
  • GV#21

* What's in bold green has already been ripped

Obviously, for best results you'll need to use WinUAE with the 'Most Common A500' setting, adding a non-bootable HDD to save the images into (tweaking:- 'Hardware/CPU & FPU/CPU Emulation Speed/' to fastest possible & the 'Floppy Drives/Floppy Drive Emulation Speed/' to Turbo) This speeds up the time taken to load, view and save each article, although I cannot guarantee it will work and behave correctly 100% of the time, so if you have problems return these settings to their defaults.

For those of you who are not familiar with the diskmag, nor the controls (because some are just pictures on different issues), I can give you some basic tips on how to use it and to minimise the time-scale it takes.

If anyone takes up the request, can you please post which one you have undertaken so as to stop others duplicating what's already being processed and stick to only that issue until it's complete.

I don't really know if this is a worthy project or not, I don't even know if this has ever been done/tried before, just seems a shame that this old diskmag has never been modernised for speedy viewing before now. Maybe I'm nuts, maybe the task at hand is too large, but all I can do is try.

EDIT: I can't do this on my own, it takes far too long from retrieving the articles to re-formatting and then converting them to pdf, so basically, if I don't get any help, the project is not going to go ahead, period.

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My PointTracer-OCR v0.1 software is just a code that isn't really much helpful for others, allthough:

Some notes that I scribbled down:
Issue 5 = font style 1
Issue 6-7 same as above, but only uppercased
Isseu 8-21 = font style 2

;Define letter area
x=44 ; use 48 for issue 5-7, use 44 for issues 8-21
y=86 ; use 87 for issus 5-7, use 84 for issues 8-13, from 14-21 use 86 in value here
xx=680 ; use 680 for issues 8-21
yy=415 ; use 385 for issues 5-7, use 415 for issues 8-21

These was grabbing coordinates for whereever the text area was in pixel positions for all issues. x,y is topleft, while xx,yy is bottomright.

Talking about the 68OOO issue, it should be (within a good hit percentage) of code a routine that "if number and no space next to uppercases O" = produce a 0 (zero) instead:-)

Now getting all the issues out can be a tiresome process. Doing what you planned will take as long as they original issues took to compile together....years :-) It has to be automated, but problem is that they used coloring, illustrations and photos and with paragraph breaks and stuff.

There should be a kind-of automated way of ripping every page out using some home produced tools, automate key presses and automate winuae + screengrabbing. Naturally that does not exists, but I'm pretty sure if I get the time it would be possible.

It should be triggered by scanning the "page x of x" for each article, with counters together and voila, something automated might pop out as numbered screenshots.
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I've nearly completed disk 1 of GV #9 and boy is it demanding. Their method of saving the articles doesn't always work correctly, sometimes there are lines missing, usually on page 1 only, and even whole pages are missing, so it's not really that reliable.

Even when it's done the whole process has to be re-formatted.... Completely which is not too bad when you're in the swing of things.

Not really sure if this is worthwhile tbh, I suppose it'll all depend on any automation process, but we'll have to wait and see
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Would it not be better to put time into understanding the internal format so it can rip all the articles automatically? Even if you had to go back through later manually and extract the pages with pictures, surely that would be a lot faster than this OCR'ing every screen technique?

I made an XFD decruncher to decrypt the 'Loons' docs disks as they had a very basic line scrambler built into them. Manually doing the work on each doc would have taken forever!
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Indeed it would be Codetapper, the only reason why I didn't ask in post#1 is, will anybody be willing to spend their time finding out and creating the auto rip.

I'll complete GV#9 (both didks) the way I'm doing it for now, but after that there has to be an automation process or it just isn't going to happen.
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Was this ever completed?
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Old 03 November 2017, 14:09   #7
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Crap, completely missed your post Pyromania

Well, here's your extremely late, by 2.5 years, nope, wasn't completed as there simply wasn't an automation to rip the contents
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