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How old were you when you got your first Amiga?

Me personally, I was 18 and at least a couple of months when I got my A500.


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I must of been 20. 1991, yeah 20.
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I was 9 years old when my dad upgraded me from C64 -> A500. I've never stopped being fascinated by the machine since. :-D
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21 Years when i got the real machine (second hand)

28 Years when i found WinUAE .... no stopped from there
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For some reason my dad upgraded my C64 to the Amiga 500 when I was about 13-14... I remember that initially I wasn't so happy, I loved my C64, I did recently get the 1570 Floppy Drive and I was enjoying it but... after a few weeks with the A500 I almost forgot the C64!
Not completely true... the C64 still has a piece of my heart but the Amiga 500 is what still gives me "heart pounding"
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I was 13 when I got my A500 in late 1987...
And the happiest boy alive, you can believe me.
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I think I was around six years old when my dad bought my brother and me an A500.
He also got us a good (copied ) collection of games to start with.

After first starting Workbench and clicking around there I think the first game we played was LED Storm.

It was replaced by an A600HD, then an A2000HD+upgrades, lastly an A4000HD+upgrades. The A4000HD was all mine, though. He got my brother a 486 DX2-66 when it came out.
He wanted to keep us on track with the advancing technology, for which I'm still very grateful. He himself started to use computers much later in the Pentium era.

I loved games on both machines. But you could see how fast the PC advanced, so investments in new Amiga hardware came to a halt. The last hardware investment was an CV64-3d+Flickerfixer.

I used the A4000 productive as long as I could. The last game I bought for Amiga was Nemac IV. Which still impressed me, but Amiga games and office software quickly couldn't keep up with the PC anymore.
My switch to PCs was fluent then. Don't remember what my first PC was, but I had the A4000HD in parallel for some time. In the end I sold my A4000HD. By now I regret this decision (I think that's the case for many people and their old hobbies), but at least it was sold to someone who'd appreciate it: The author of XiPaint, as I was told.

Sorry for the long post. I used the thread as excuse to bathe in memories .
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15. It was brand new A600, german layout.
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I was 12, Christmas 1990.
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i was 9 when I got my Amiga 600 for christmas, with the famous WWW pack. Best day ever....dont tell my wife or kid!
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Kin Hell
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Nearly 27 when buying my first 2nd hand Amiga 500.

Cost me £400 without a monitor in 1988.

I still remember my first "Virtual Shit": - Whilst trying to play, "It Came From the Desert".
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16 at the time. It was an Amiga A500, just the machine with no joystick, floppy drives, any kind of extra at all.

I bought it from a Rumbelows store on hire-purchase for £395. £95 up-front then 6 monthly payments of £50 which I had to take into the store each month until it was all paid up.

My friend worked for Rumbelows so I made certain he got the commission for the sale

Happy days.

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I was 7 or 8, it was such a long time ago that I don't remember exactly when it was. But I still remember the day itself perfectly. I got out of bed like any other day to go to school and BAM, all of a sudden there was a computer there in the living room, all setup and ready to go. Too bad that it still took a month or so before we got any games for it, but even that I remember very fondly as I was scanning the possible games for at least an hour trying to decide which one I wanted to get. Good memories, I won't ever experience those moments again.
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I actually experienced the same moment when i re-discovered Amiga thanks to emulation

Well, probably not the exact same thing of the first real time .... but nearly close
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I think I must have been about 14 when I got an Amiga 500 for christmas.
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Originally Posted by fxgogo View Post
I must of been 20. 1991, yeah 20.

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I'm starting to think I should've made this a poll.
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I was 15 in 1993 when I received my beloved A1200 DD pack at Christmas.
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I must have been 13 years old (1989) when my stepfather purchased a used A500 from his friend with 512KB expansion and KS switch.
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