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Amiga A1200 preparing for sale

Hi all

Well firstly my apologies for the nature of my post seeing as you are fans and I am asking about selling a machine.

This was my brothers Amiga a1200 that I only played a few times. All the knowledge about it was his and he is currently abroad so not a lot of help. Ive got it out of the attic which I am clearing and fired it up. Seems to be running fine. Ive loaded 4-5 games on it by disc in the internal disc drive. The disc drive is a bit noisey, is this normal? I did get some disc read errors some worked on pressing retry and some worked after I tried the classic fixing technique of blowing the disc and into the disc drive

The console is boxed and I see these fetch a pretty penny on Ebay. So was wondering if there is anything on this machine I should check for prior to sale? Dunno about HD's would this be installed internal or external? Or what OS this is running or how to find out? Basically anything you could tell me in advance to aid in selling this correctly so I dont get a complaint or unhappy customer would be great.

Finally one last thing I checked your games archive thingy seems I may have a maths programme thats not on your list of games. Will check the rest of the games when I get in as I am at work and cant remember all of the titles, not many only 6 or 7. If you need the files is there a way I can get them onto PC and share them? One game did not work at all just made the Amiga come up with a lot of bright colored mess on the screen. Could this be a display compatability issue? Was running the Amiga on a portable tv via RF connection.

Again, apologies for the nature of my post Affraid my passion is with online gaming starting with the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast with everything in between and modern included.

Thanks in advance
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