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Amiga, 68000 and CPU speed

Over the years I've repeatedly noticed that CBM (and others) have used the 7.14 MHz figure when citing the speed for the 68k CPU based computers, when the real speeds are 7.09 and 7.16 MHz for PAL/NTSC respectively. I know it's no big deal, but I've always wondered why this number came into use. Was it so people would just have to deal with one specific frequency instead of two?
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Good point. I don't get it either. It never really crossed my mind since I doubt it really matters, It's more or less to do with electrical standards since PAL is 50 Hz and NTSC is 60.
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Yes, the PAL/NTSC thing is exactly why I don't get where the 7.14 MHz thing came from. That clock frequency doesn't exist in any Amiga tech manual I've read.
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It's a good point SilentBob... I had a theory that 7.14 might be the magical average Amiga speed (between PAL & NTSC)...

So, in an attempt to find an average I did:

(7.09 + 7.16) / 2 = 7.125

I was hoping the average would be the magical 7.14 - but alas, it's not

So I don't know the answer either
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