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Saving and Loading games using WinFellow

Not entirely sure how to do this. I am playing Pirates! and have both Winfellow and WinUAE. Here was my attempt:

1. I created a floppy using WinUAE (savegame.adf)
2. After playing for a couple of minutes, I went to save game.
3. Pressed F11 to change my df0 to the spare floppy ('savegame.adf')
4. Pressed enter to save the game (saved as asdfg13)
5. Closed Winfellow
6. Started Winfellow again, and the asdfg13 (saved game) was nowhere to be found (search computer returned no results

Any help much appreciated.

Edit: I should add that I have searched for a while so I wouldnt have to ask, but cant seem to find much on using Winfellow to save. There was heaps on using WinUAE, but when I tried to play Pirates! using WinUAE the sound was horrible and the game quite laggy.

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Hi Falcorian and welcome to EAB!

Blank disks need to be created using WinUAE Properties>Floppy Drives and selecting "Create Standard Disk". Give the disk a name, ie Pirates01, but ensure it is saved in the same folder as the Pirates adfs for easier access.
I have tested this using both WinUAE and Winfellow and Saving/Loading to this blank disk worked fine.

Hmmm.... I have to admit I'm not an avid user of WinFellow as I tend to find it a little unstable (and slow in loading) and much prefer WinUAE as it's so much more reliable now, especially versions 1.0.0 and above (I'm using v1.2.0). That's my opinion anyway

WinUAE is more popular and that is probably way it is covered more in depth within EABs FAQ section than Winfellow.

I have played Pirates with no problems with sound or lag using WinUAE 1.2.0.
In WinUAE Properties>Quickstart options I selected Model as "A500 / A2000", and Configuration as "KS 1.3 ECS Agnus, 1.9M Chip" to play this game.

You could always forget using blank adf disks to store your position....the best way to save games is to use the excellent "Savestates" facility. Doesn't matter where you are in the game to use "Savestate"....

By pressing F12 during a game, go to WinUAE Properties>Misc and click on the box "Save State", give the file a name, ie PiratesSD, and then click on "Save". Next time you load WinUAE all you have to do is to go to WinUAE Properties>Misc, click on "Load state", trace and open PiratesSD or whatever you called it, then click Start, and the game will continue where you saved it.

There is no need to insert Pirates disk images (adf) either with Save State as WinUAE saves this too.

Hope this answers your questions (without being too long-winded!)
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Got it working. Thanks very much for your help. I will look into the WinUAE thing soon.

For some reason overnight whenever I am using WinFellow now, the screen is shaking considerable up and down. As far as I know the settings are the same. I did 'Save Configuration' though. Any ideas?

Edit: So it suddenly disappears after 30 mins of changing things.
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Ah.... most likely to be display resolution settings. But you've fixed it so that's a relief!
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