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Eleventh Hour Games

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Boxed Amiga games that came with nice posters

Hi all!

I thought I would get a little discussion going about game posters supplied with boxed copies of games.

I know some games came with various cool bits n' pieces over the years but I wondered how many of you have the posters that came with your games?

Do you have them framed and on display on your walls? That would be cool to see.
Do you have a collection of games that still contain posters?

I have my collection in the attic and plan to go through the boxes to see which ones still have the posters.

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Thalion Webshrine
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Dragon flight (and sticker and pin badge)
Lethal Xcess
Amberstar/ Ambermoon (Poster & Map)

Lots of other Thalion/Eclipse games
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Must recheck, normally i leave them untouched in the box lol
for sure i remember Dune, the first one
italian version, also with the codesheet not perfect, some images did not match the correct numbers
the poster was imo ok, but nothing special

there was surely better
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Adrian Browne
Jackie Chan
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Myth- great art and large poster
Same poster also came free in a gaming magazine too.
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Amiga Games Database
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Well, you know....... Supremacy.

obviously. :-)
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I've got a new byline

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I can't understand why no publishers distributed floppy disks inside a poster tube complete with complimentary poster. Squish them into a little rectangular box and they have to be folded and remain creased when pinned up on the wall. Silly sausages.
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Just checked the Dune one, intact
it still smells of petroleum after 30 years
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Targ Explorer

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Mercenary had a great poster of Targ.
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Registered User

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Only boxed poster I ever put up on the wall was the Star-map that came with Frontier.
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I rescanned the Pawn Poster this week the first time was a long time ago.

I love the old adventure game art very therapeutic repairing & printing.

The actual Printed version is nicer quality:

thread below:

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Puttymoon inhabitant
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I have many boxes with posters inside and never displayed them on the wall. Actually, some of the games I bought mostly because of the poster. For example Starglider II, that I still consider one of the most awesome paintings in computer gaming.
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Elvira the Arcade Game

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