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Worst Amiga books

There are lots of "worst Amiga games" threads but nothing about "Worst Amiga books", so I thought I would start one.

This book is really dreadfully bad: https://commodore.bombjack.org/books..._Solutions.zip

It's like someone just copied some random hints from magazines and/or the internet, introducing all kinds of extra errors in the process, and then stuck them into a book. No wonder there is no author's name.

I only had a quick look through, but there's games that didn't even come out on the Amiga, like Ultima 7 (which they call "Ultima v11"), games that didn't come out on any platform (Arkanoid 3), wrong level codes (eg. Leander), non-working hints (eg. for "Bards Tale 111"), etc.

I had a look at a couple of the other Kuma books and they aren't much better, it seems they would just publish any old garbage without any proofreading or testing at all.
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I've got a new byline

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LOL. That is pretty shoddy. The spelling is atrocious and some of the 'tips' seem to be merely the game's premise taken from the back of the box. Could this be one of Kieren Hawken's literary masterpieces?
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On the back cover it says 'This book is the first of a continuing series of help for the AMIGA format'. So this could be a series of the worst books ever.
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Yet, Ultima VII was ported for the Amiga at the end. So maybe this is the book of prophecy! :P
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I've seen that front cover before, looks familiar.
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Ouch, yeah, that's pretty poor alright. Was it a freebie? I'd guess not given the number of pages. But even if it was, that's hardly an excuse. It's like the print equivalent of shovelware.
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Nope, 10 quid according to the back cover.

Also worth noting about the back cover is how they brag about their single one-line non-working Bard's Tale 3 tip, "and of course THE ULTIMA II series", when the only Ultima covered is Ultima 7 :-(

On the page before that is some details of the BBS where they presumably stole their tips from :-D

And as far as I can tell the Sidewinder entry is just made up, as there never was a disk 2.

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Oh my god, at the end this book is responsible for the end of the Amiga?
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