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Question Question over DID old game titles ?

I'm arguing with a friend of mine over which one of those titles from digital image design first used a copy protection dongle ...

He says it was as soon as 1989 with F29 Retaliator or Robocop 3 (he doesn't remember precisely).
I say it was not until Epic, 3 years later.

Am I correct ? Or is he ? (and if so, which title among F29 and Robocop was it ?)
I may be wrong because of Inferno (Epic sequel on PC) which was "play protected" ) (damn I was so disappointed back then ...)

Thanks for any help
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I believe it was Robocop 3
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yeah it was robocop 3 and it was defeated before the game hit the shops
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Robocop 3 was released in 92 btw So you were right about the year atleast..
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F29 had a Copylock protection, not dongle.
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F29 had a special Copylock protection track It didn't show up at all in a warper.

I think Turbo Slug/Quartex did F29 for DID
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The F29 copy protection was so fussy that the game didn't work in the A500 pack that it was bundled for (the first pack I got). It was the only title that didn't work, and it was a must-have for me. The plane would take off and a certain amount of time into the game it would just explode. Kept the game, exchanged the A500 and it was fine after that.
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Yes. It was Robocop 3. And I bought the pirate version first and then the boxed one. F-29 and EPIC, had no hardware protection. According to a review that I had read at Amiga Format (I think), the leaked pirate version was a beta version, and the dongle was an experiment by Ocean that published the game, at the time.

And I don't think Inferno,had any copy protection.(At least the CD version I bought a few years back.. You can still play it. Home of the Underdogs, have the disk version, and it's fully playable with DosBox )
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Woaw, that's what I called precised answers, thanks to you all.

I might have indeed been confused about the game/year
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Ahhhh robocop 3.... yeah that dongle was sooooo easy to defeat.. grabbed an external connecting numeric keypad (i got it for 50p in a bargin bin in 1990) choped the end off and plumbed it up to the joyport.... i then got some celotape and polystrene and held down the numbers 189 (or atleast i think it was that).. and HEY presto Game on!!!!!!

now before you think OMG what a lucky guess i dissasembled the dongle first and low and behold it was using the same chip as the one in the numberic keypad, i knowted what lines where grounded and 2 mins with a binary output i was able to tell what numbers where pressed.. in hex lol

ahhh those were the days.... cracking BSB and Sky.... i remember the look on my parents face when i dupped their sky card (series 7/8 i believe) using the serial port on my amiga ))... mmmm gotta love hardware.....

hey did i ever tell you about the time when i made a par-laplink cable from guitar wire?????......
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