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What about speed

Hi there...I have an A500 with aca500+. Recently I got the xsurf 500 (realy recommended) and now an 1221lc card with 020@ 26/40 mhz and 16mb ram.

So now my mind is going where it shouldn't and I am considering going for the bigger 030 brother.
I am however also fearing it might be overkill and a big amount of extra spending for little gain.

So what I am curious about is how the real life difference would be between 030/50mhz/mmu and a 020/40mhz cpu?
I've read somewhere that a 030 at equal nominal speed would be 5 to 10% faster than the 020 equivalent.

Is that in the ballpark and what about mmu?

From what I've read it is not used by much software. IBrowse does distinguish between fpu and non fpu but I don't know if this is the same ?

Considering the huge investment it would take I wanna figure out if it is worth it at all. Obviously the huge amount of 128mb ram is very nice, but given there is no rtg or aga anyway I am wondering when it would ever come to use in my routines.

Is it of much use to have a 030 upgrade on an A500, as most software that requires it will also require aga or rtg.?
Most software that doesn't require aga or rtg will likely run on a 020 I presume?

So recapped , is a 030 significantly faster than a 020 operating at equal speed and does mmu improve performance and what is the difference with fpu?

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Kin Hell
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Yes, 030 is significantly faster than 020 @ 40Mhz
An 030 @ 50Mhz is about 10 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) - What does SysInfo speed rate yours at?

An Memory Management Unit (MMU) does not make the CPU Faster. - It merely supports software that can utilise the MMU within the CPU, effectively making the CPU more versatile. - GigaMem is the only program I know of that has to have a MMU.

You only really need an FPU if you're using programs that utilise or require one.
A Floating Point Unit will allow your Amiga to do Intensive Math Calculations. Unless you're into Ray Tracing/3D Modelling or even Desktop Publishing, you don't need an FPU.

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depends on what you want to do with the A500. To play games, 020 is enough, specially because you don't have AGA. A MMU is useful for whdload developpers for instance (test/debug against out of bound accesses). Or if you want to install linux, just for fun...

For apps, well, even with a 68030 you'll find that apps crawl and it's frustrating to use an amiga to do "serious" work IMHO, specially without RTG.
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well, some more Mhz could be good to play some 3D OCS games like flight and naval simulator
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Don't listen to the person above -- the 030 is not vastly faster per clock, that 10% estimate seems about right. The 020 and the 030 are architecturally almost identical in the actual CPU core, but the 030 does have a small 256-byte data cache while the 020 does not. This can make some workloads extremely fast if the data you're working on fits in the cache while other times it doesn't make any difference.

Another difference is that the 030 supports burst mode memory transfers with cache. This helps when you're processing a lot of data at once by reducing the amount of cycles needed to transfer data to and from memory, but it can actually hurt if you're doing lots of small accesses across the memory map.

An MMU will not help with gaming at all. It will help with testing code for bugs that cause them to crash, or potentially letting you run buggy software without it crashing your system (but still crashing eating memory, etc.). An MMU can be used to remap data like a kickstart ROM, but most cards already have that feature built-in.

One major use for the MMU though is in delta-calculations for display refresh in emulators, especially noticeable in a fast virtual machine setup like Shapeshifter/Basilisk2. This would let you appreciably run color mac software without huge amounts of slowdown.

Almost no Amiga games use an FPU. Exceptions include TFX, Tornado (maybe?), and ports of more recent games. I don't think a single game made specifically for the Amiga ever used the FPU. However there are many Mac games that do use FPU, and that's where Shapeshifter comes into play again.
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