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Some scaling glitches (2.3.0 & 2.3.1 beta11)

Well, in hope of providing some help in improving the accuracy of scaling methods I've spotted a few glitches I'd like to comment here. In case they've already commented in some other thread and/or they're currently "broken" by design I first beg your pardon then I encourage whoever is in charge of doing so to just delete this thread, no questions asked. Thanks in advance for your attention.

I've been testing the new scaling methods with versions 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 beta11 with these 2 games: Agony and Gods, and this is what I found:

In Gods there're some pixels lost off-screen when using Automatic Scaling or Automatic Resize. Compare with Fullscreen (Max) versions, which appear off-centered to the right btw, on the images provided below:

Gods Ingame Automatic Scaling
Gods Ingame Fullscreen (Max)

As you can see there're a some pixels lost at the top and also a few on both sides of the green information bar at the bottom.

And about Agony... well, it's in fact an Agony you see...

First, the problem with lost pixels is there as well. Take a look at these pics:

Agony Intro1 Automatic Scaling
Agony Intro1 Fullscreen (Max)
Agony Intro2 Automatic Scaling
Agony Intro2 Fullscreen (Max)

Pixels losts in all 4 screen borders. And in case you're wondering, using Default Scaling makes it worse:

Agony Intro1 Default Scaling

However, even in the same game these glitches are not consistent; in these screenshots below you can see there're no lost pixels left and right. Impossible to tell about top (black) and bottom (motion) though.

Agony Ingame Automatic Scaling
Agony Ingame Fullscreen (Max)

Ok, now if all this behaviour is the way it's meant to be I'll get along with it; the new Automatic Scaling is splendid anyway and this little glitches just cannot affect gameplay. Maybe it's just that I tend to be quite annoying about these little cosmetics.

However, there's something on Agony that I definitely consider broken when using scalers. On the very first screen you should be able to see a little computer and a couple of speakers at bottom left on a plain gray background. Well, in 2.3.0 they're just NOT there and the first thing you see when using Automatic Scaling is the Psygnosis owl. They appear now on 2.3.1 beta11 but then again, this is not consistent. Let's see:

Fullscreen (Max): here're the usual suspects
Automatic Scaling: In 2.3.0 they're just NOT there
Automatic Scaling: But they appear on 2.3.1 beta11

Automatic Scaling: Now IF you use Restart this is what you get in beta11
Automatic Scaling: And IF you use Reset they disappear again as in 2.3.0

Only quitting WinUAE and starting the GUI again in beta11 will make them to appear again as in the third screenshot above. On the other hand I read somewhere that changing scalings within the same playing session can cause trouble so maybe this last issue with Restarting/Resetting is normal...

Note also that if using Hires instead Super Hires, the words "and" and "present" on these gray background booting windows appear in the middle of the screen instead on top, which seems far better. BUT if you use 2.3.0 instead they appear in the middle both with Hires AND Super Hires...

In ALL cases I've used the following configuration:

- Quickstart A500+ plus...
- Display settings: 1280x1024 / 32bit / FullS+AutoV / SuperHires/HiRes / Centering H/V / Line Double
- Filter: Null 2x / Overlays / variable Scaling / AR Correction Automatic / Bilinear 1:1

For any other specs and or questions, please don't hesitate to ask me about. Then again I'd be quite glad to help as much as possible and the nature of these issues made me think it wouldn't be a nice idea to use the 2.3.1 beta testing thread for this.
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Ummm... I've been doing some research and I honestly think I've been missing the point of using Super Hires to date, so I'll keep using Hires (normal) unless *NEEDED* from now on.

Anyways, even under Hires (normal) all problems I've written about are still there, except those two words appearing on top instead at the middle of screen in Agony so...
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Just to clarify, the only point of using SuperHires is, well, if you're actually using SuperHires in the emulated Amiga and you want the full horizontal resolution. Which means that 99% of the time, you want to use either Hires or Lores (depending on the software you're running). I don't know of any games that use SuperHires, but several applications do (or can - Broadcast Titler 2 SuperHires version, DPaint 4/5 AGA, Workbench 2.x+ itself).
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Originally Posted by LocalH View Post
I don't know of any games that use SuperHires, but several applications do (or can - Broadcast Titler 2 SuperHires version, DPaint 4/5 AGA, Workbench 2.x+ itself).
What about Pinball Brain Damage or (unsure) Pinball Illusions?
At least 100% sure one of the two mentioned ones will switch to very high resolution in multiball mode, from memory. Isn't that already Super Hires?

(No time for fancy pinball gaming ATM, that's why I can only speak in theory here. But yes, I did play both many moons ago. )
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