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The EAB christmas Story 2007

I made a little Christmas story this year
It's called:

EAB 2107

It was christmas 2107, another year was heading toward the end.

It had been a good year, the annual IRC meeting was a funny tradition, and this year rck jr. had writen 5 words, rck jr was the great grand son of the legendary rck, who created the board over 100 years ago. It wasn't easy getting your word through, as some members like DanielD & killerorangutan did write alot, every time rck jr had writen a respond, they were talking about something new. So this year the owrd had been: Hi, LOL, LOL, ROFL & Bye

Another one of the highlights was Xetr0's interesting project, he knew a friend, who worked at an electric factory, he might be able to produce the last part to his dream project. Recreating an Amiga 500. As you might know the debate about Real Amiga Vs emulation is dead, no one own a working amiga anymore, the last one died 50 years ago. But Xetr0 wanted to make one, he had found some diagrams from the legenday Zetr0, and tried to copy them.

CopyJarret had come up with a new idea. A virtual Reality site where you could visit a gamesworld from an old amigagame, this way you could feel and live in the beautiful world of an amiga games. Eye of the Beholder was a popular game to visit.

Killerorangutan had made another bunch of WJDLoad (so you could install amigagames into java) game packs, and aneptun kept track of the wishinglist

Silverclaw just release a bunch of recording of amigagames dramatizations. This year they recreated Cannon fodder 2 & Christmas Lemmings, as schoolplays (from the game start til the end)

DanielD was now official "The Zone" keeper, he had everything in his brain

Franz the Tranz(vestite Duck) had this year made 352 threads about gay, faggots or zombies.

35679nay posted 5732 pictures of cats

Cerypie posted 5731 pictures of amigaparts

Bloodwish made a new version of ClassicWB, a funny sidenote is the newbie taking the name Dizzy, he heard rumour that by writing his name in CLI would produce a cool respond, so he track down the version, an uploaded it to DD's brain, telling everyone about it, before checking it. He try to delete the thread when he found out the respnod was "is a 400 pound fat black tranvestite", but to late. Franz the tranz did make tons of thread about it.

Norwich finally beat Ipswich this year

To be continued......
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What? No cats?
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Graham Humphrey
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Originally Posted by Dizzy View Post
Norwich finally beat Ipswich this year
...but were still looking for their first away win since December 2007

Anyway, nice story Dizzy, made me laugh (a bit )

Can't wait for the next instalment
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Haha, nice touch with Fred there
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