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Weird floppy disk invalidation [Resolved]


I was playing the strategy war game "MechForce" in an emulated Amiga500 under FS-UAE in Linux. Not sure how to tell which version of FS-UAE I am using but it's the latest one available for Lubuntu 20.04.1 in its repository, and FS-UAE launcher tells me its version number is 3.05.

Anyway, I have been playing Mechforce on and off for a couple of weeks. The game uses three ADF disk images (so the emulated Amiga has 3 floppy drives active). Today, when clicking on an icon in one of the disks, some message came up in Workbench about Disk 3 having a read/write error and told me to use DiskDoctor to fix it. Then it happened to Disk 2 of the game. I tried rebooting the emulated Amiga and got this messages from Amiga OS for Disk 2:

"Error Validating Disk - Disk is unreadable"

Both Disk 2 and Disk 3 adf images now seem to have corruption / invalidation when used with FS-AUE. Funny thing is, if I use these same disk images in an emulated Amiga 500 under WinUAE, they work just fine. So I'm wondering what's going wrong with FS-UAE. Is there a hidden file somewhere that is only used by FS-UAE to record read-write changes to the floppy disk image that is messed up, and that I can just delete? I've tried looking on the floppy image directory in WinUAE and could not see any.

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I found the SAVE STATES folder in Documements/FS-UAE and deleted the exisiting Save States for MechForce and the game works again.
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