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Trapped I & II - Music & SFX?

Trapped I & II both run fine, except for one problem: I am unable to hear both music and sound effects, just one or the other. If I set sound effects=filter on or sound effects=filter off in the options menu, I get sound effects but no music. If I set sound effects=module , I get music but no sfx. I'm using WinUAE under the Amiga Forever interface.

I know it's possible to get both in Trapped II, since [ Show youtube player ] video shows that he can get sound and music at the same time after he enables the module setting at 5:27. So it must be something about my Amiga setup that accounts for the difference. Any clue what it could be?
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Going to try this and see what I get :-)
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Have you made an .RP9? If so, can you rename it .zip and upload it here.
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Thanks so much for the replies! Let me know what you find lurch.

I've attached the RP9 I am using as a zip. It boots to the Amiga desktop, I have my Trapped II CD in my physical drive so there is an icon for it, I click it and start up the game. When the game starts there are sound effects but no music, I hit F8 to access the menu screen, and change it to "sound effects=module". After which, I hear music, but all the sound effects are gone.

Edit:deleted attachment

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Never mind, I just talked to the author of the video. He played the game with sound effects only and added back the music when editing the video. He cleverly edited in the options screen to make it appear as if he could enable both at once. But in reality, the game only supports either music OR sound effects.

Now I feel silly wasting all that time trying to get both at once. But thanks for the help!
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Oh, and if you want more details you can read our discussion over at the [ Show youtube player ] (I'm 2point5D on youtube).

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