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AsmOne: Undefined symbol

I've resourced a file and it comes out to 2 megabyte in size. Compiling it, after working around the initial set of pedantic and unhelpful things that AsmOne errors on, gives me the following error:

** Undefined symbol
390 move.l d0, hSomeSymbol

The code is at the start of the file and the symbol it is trying to access is in another section near the end of the file.

Is there something I should be doing?
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Ah, found the problem. AsmOne does not like the .L that Resource seems to want to put there. Disabling the "Abs word" and "Abs longword" options in the "Size specifiers" section of the "Options 1" menu does the trick.

I'd love to have a Resource where you could select AsmOne as a target Assembler rather than whatever the two are that I've never otherwise heard of.

Two other things I had to fix, my program had some automatic relative referencing or whatever it is called at the start:

movea.l hBlah-DT(A4), A0

I renamed DT to hSomethingElse and all the existing references were not updated. I should probably add that to the existing bug list on this page.
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I'm sure AsmOne likes .L if you turn off case sensitivity(?) You can also set Resource 6 to output different things with different case IIRC.

You found the Assem setting, and that's what I use for AsmOne. So that should work.

Disabling the Abs Word option may have caused RS to not specify .l for that pea $30, perhaps. No, I don't know that's it's long size.

I don't know the reason for some replaces not replacing all occurences. But I do know that as soon as you switch datatype you create a "split", and these splits sometimes make it stop before the end of the source ("100%"). So I look out for that and repeat the commands until it goes from 0 to 100% without finding anything/blinks.
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