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Into the Wonderful

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Film Sound FX into Games

What examples are there of Film sound FX being used in games?

(any format 16 bit and below)

I remember how surprised I was hearing the fight FX from Palace's BARBARIAN in the film Red Sonja (fight scene between Arnold and Brigitte Nielsen)

Did they just illegally rip off these sounds?

Are there any more examples of this?

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Alien Breed 3D uses a howl from An American Werewolf In London.
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Workbitch 1.3

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IK+ uses samples from enter the dragon (for those that didnt already know)
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Gloom uses sounds from Aliens.
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Music lord

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Although games may have sampled directly from films, lots of films use generic sound effect libraries. Independence Day consists almost entirely of the Premier Edition CDs by Hollywood Edge. Most game developers now have all the same libraries.
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Also NarcoPolice used Aliens sounds effects. mainly for hidraulic doors opening,

AfterTheWar also used these sounds for doors, mechanisms and steps sounds of the enemy walkers.
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Into the Wonderful
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Barbarian also uses the sound when that bloke is trying to lift up the door, and he grunts. (Work it out yourself - I haven't seen the movie in donkey's years!)

Full Contact used some movie sounds, I think, but I can't remember from which movie.
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Fantasy Man!

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Heh, coninsidence, I was thinking about things like this the other day when I heard an exzplosion in a movie that was the same exzplosions as what are using in Operation Flashpoint, and this other movie that used the Ambulance radio from GTA in the background.
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does anyone know where the "waaawaaaaooooo" sample comes from in the game the first samurai.....it is when you are starting the game and a blue face is floating about LINK
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