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Running SWOS on WinUAE

I'm having problems running every versions of SWOS that i have been able to find, it loads fine but when i start a career and select a team, the crashes everytime.
Has anyone else come across this problem before?
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More info on your PC, GFx card, WinUAE version, Setup, Configuration etc..

Best option is to use quickstart mode and select a1200 or a600 for SWOS (Best options these are)

oh also always try the search function on eab first (Goto advanced search and use BOOLEAN as natural langague search is shite!!!)

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nope,never had any problem with that game on winuae,works perfectly,dosent matter what configuration/KS i have,it works absolutley great.
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Have tried running config 5 from here:

Now instead of crashing when i select a team, the screen justs goes black & the music continues!

I'm using WinUAE 1.2.0 on a P4 2.8 CPU.
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This is an AGA configuration not OCS / ECS (hence the title)...

Use OCS / ECS and you should be fine...

Edit: I'll ellaborate:

... CPU: 68000
... CPU Emulation Speed: Match A500 speed
... Chipset: ECS Angus
... Misc Chipset: Cycle exact CPU and Blitters
... Kickstart: KS 1.3 (A500, A1000, A2000)
... RAM: Chip 512Kb, Slow 512KB

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SWOS should use and work with a basic a500+/a600 config OR a basic A1200 config (as the game determines host machine and then improves itself!)..

Should work on AGA and ECS configs!
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I can't get any emulated version of SWOS to run in career mode either. Which sadly makes the game redundant and useless.
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Toni Wilen
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This thread isn't going anywhere..

Exact TOSEC names and/or CRC32s' of tested images? Tested on real Amiga 500?

I remember reading about career problems years ago and I don't think it had anything to do with emulation.
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Hi ya,

I know this thread is from ages ago, but it might help some people.

I had this problem which was really getting on my nerves cos I loved this game for years and years. I found the solution [with the Euro edition anyway - havent tried others] was to use a A1200 configuration. For some reason on a A500/A500+ setup, it crashes as soon as you choose a team to manage.

Hope this helps.
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