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My Amiga Arcade Machine

Hi folks.

I thought I would post a piccy of my latest project seeing as though people are doing all sorts of amazing things with their Amiga's. Well here is my effort.......

Sorry about the poor quality image as it was taken on my mobile some time ago. Anyway, I have always wanted to stick my A1200 in some sort of arcade machine and this is the latest prototype. I made two previous machines but I scrapped them due to bad design issues (unstable/not enough space for components etc).


A1200 + 8MB Fast (switchable to 4MB)
No floppy drive (removed it)
4GB Compact Flash IDE Hard Drive
PCMCIA Compact Flash Adapter
2 x ps2 keyboard adapters
Real arcade joystick and buttons
2 fire buttons + Space & Enter buttons
2 pinball buttons (left & right shift)
Scan doubler / flicker fixer
15" SVGA Monitor
Soundblaster stereo speakers
A500 60w PSU
2 x 120mm case fans (on 5v)
internal surge protection adapter
WB 3.1 + WHDLoad and all the games! :-)

This is the smallest cocktail cab that I have made (and I've made a few for MAME). It measures only 30" x 20" and is about 5" smaller than a standard TAITO machine.

You can really hammer Battle Squadron on this machine and Pinball Dreams/Slamtilt is just so much better with real pinball flipper buttons.

Altogether, including (MDF, laminates, Safety Glass etc..) it cost me about £1200 but I dont care. I've got a unique Amiga and it is probably only one of its kind in the world. - And I love playing on it :-)

Kev G.

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Awesome, awesome stuff!

Please say you took lots of pics whist you were building it?

*Insert "We Want More Pics" Banner Here*
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You can not use plunger in some Amiga pinball games without keyboard
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
You can not use plunger in some Amiga pinball games without keyboard
You use the mouse OR one of the fire buttons as it is mapped directly to the 'Enter' key.

Also, you can route a ps2 keyboard out the back of the machine. I've got a micro laptop style keyboard on it although you can't see it in the picture.

By the way, if there is alot of interest in this machine I may consider making them on a part time basis for people if they want one. I've only got one or two little issues to sort out (cosmetic mainly).

Kev G.

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MOre pics!
I love cocktail machines
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That is a beautiful cabinet, I am very impressed - well done. I bet it is a joy to use
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