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Who's finished the bloodwych data disk?

Ok, a few months back I finished my fav game Bloodwych with my brother kirk.

Then I moved onto the data-disk/extended levels.

After playing this game for many hours, we've finally become stuck on the data disk.

We've entered the chaos crystal in the slot provided and gone up the two/three floors. We're at a place where there is a serpent key operated door, a fake wall behind it, two guys who you can recruit, and a chromatic key door.

I've looked all around the area at least 10 times and I can't for the life of me figure out where to get that darn chromatic key.

I'm sure I finished this game 11 years ago but I could be wrong. Is there a bug in the data disk?

Can anyone help?
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Old 19 October 2012, 20:07   #2
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I know it is "bad" to reply to an 11 year-old message ! But this bug has no clear solution on the internet, and after 20 years of being blocked in front of this mythic Chromatic door, I have finally found the key thanks to the hint on another forum. I hope that this will help some other people to pass this nightmare door once and for all !

Yes, there is a bug (or a huge trap from the makers of the game). This happens at levels 2 and 3 of the Chaos Tower in the DATA DISK Extension of the Bloodwych game. The trap is that if you see the Chromatic door, it may be too late (because you need the serpent key to reach and see the chromatic door, and the chromatic key is found just after the serpent key!).

The creepy Chromatic locked door is at level 2 of the Chaos tower, just after a door closed by a serpent key with an illusion wall between the two doors.
The damned Chromatic key is at level 3, next to a bed (there are 2 beds reachable at this point at level 3).

When you are in front of the Chromatic Door, go back (of course!) to the close green teleporter near the two pits (not the teleport which teleports you in the middle of many grey monkeys, but the one with two green teleporters). Take it : you will be teleported to level 3 at a location which looks like quite the same. Pass both bronze doors and get the serpent key (you may have done this some minutes ago, so maybe it is too late!).
After that, you have a wooden door. Open it : you have about two couples of monsters. Kill them. You see the first bed, don't bother with this one. Open two wooden doors again : you will see a second bed. Here, SAVE YOUR GAME : you will have only one chance to get the key !

Open the last wooden door : you will see a merchant who was not indicated by a scroll (so he looks like a monster, with a little horn). DON'T EVER TALK TO HIM !!! If you talk, he will propose you some potions, and when you kill him, he will drop that potion, and game over.
Don't talk to him and kill him : he will drop the famous-never-found Chromatic Key !

I have read on another site that you should talk to him a very long time to get the key : it didn't work for me, he always proposed potions.

So : open the door and kill the merchant without talking. If it doesn't work, reload the game and try again. DON'T LEAVE this merchant without the chromatic key !

And that solved the greatest mystery of Bloodwych !
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That is awesome, to register on our beloved forum just to solve the eternal mystery. Just AWESOME! Thank you BabylonZeus.
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Awesome indeed! Nice to have another player of this game posting. I was only at EAB several months when I posted this! How time flies, yet I remember posting it.

Great solution and description.

I never remembered to update this thread but we did remember the solution eventually and I did therefore finish it back in 1989 and had not gone crazy:



As you said, some say you can buy the key. That's what I did I'm sure! However your method is much quicker. Kill -> Job Done!

Oh well, at least another post means someone else can find a solution.
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Old 20 October 2012, 10:38   #5
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Thanks. I also tried to buy the key, with praise and talks, but he never stopped offering me potions, and never the key !
So I tried the old way, and it worked

Can you imagine ? From today, I have unexplored bloodwych levels to discover, amazing !
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My fellow Bloodwych friends,
what a great Forum, what a great post which enabled me to rekindle my affection to the beloved Bloodwych game. I replayed the Data Disk after having found the hint in this post, since I remember we we stuck on a chromatic door.

Sadly, I am now past the descripted chromatic door and find myself in front of the real challenge (I remember now!). Chaos Tower Level 7. A pit, each of it a spell fizzle field. The map from Alan Chapman reads "Cast levitate, but first alter the square east of the pit so that it won't fizzle your spells".

How am I going to alter a square??? Dispell, Nullify, Mindrock, Formwall. Nothing works.
Any clue what I am missing, please guys, this is haunting me for 20+ years :-) I want to finish the game :-) :-) :-)


here is the map from Alan Chapman
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Originally Posted by DamianMorville View Post
Chaos Tower Level 7. A pit, each of it a spell fizzle field. The map from Alan Chapman reads "Cast levitate, but first alter the square east of the pit so that it won't fizzle your spells".

How am I going to alter a square??? Dispell, Nullify, Mindrock, Formwall. Nothing works.
Same here, no idea what "alter a square" is supposed to mean.

I do note that there are these walls that appear behing you unless you move backwards and keep pushing the button that clears them, but that doesn't seem to have any effect whatsoever on the square where you should cast Levitate.

UPDATE: I kind of found out what you have to do, not quite how to do it. I mentioned earlier that there are those wall blocks materialising on your trail, that you can dispose of by pressing a button on them. Well, basically you have to make one appear on the square right before the pit. If you manage to do that, then push the button that makes that block disappear and step on the square again, it turns out you can cast Levitate without it being fizzled. I somehow managed to do that once (and to complete the Extended Levels the next day). Only, I haven't quite figured out the rationale that makes blocks appear or not.

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Dear Kurtz,
Happy New Year and a great 2016 for you.

To speak in Bloodwych-tongue: Thou art truly wise and incredibly noble.

I want to personally thank you for replying to a 7 months old post in a 10+ year old threat. You just made my day, heaven, you just made my year!

I can now finally finish my beloved Bloodwych Vol.1 once and for all. Thanks for your solution!


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