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Originally Posted by sokolovic View Post
Same goes for Kid Chaos also. The CD32 is AGA, gfx are a bit more polished than the floppy version (Floppy AGA version was never released)
Really? Because of what you've said above I took a look today.

The graphics are only very slightly different

In fact the CD32 screen size is slightly smaller; just like with "Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures Of Cool Coyote [CD32]":

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DamienD, on the foreground, the bricks are more colored on the CD32 (you got some light blue, or pink bricks), and the tree and grass are more greens, less "muddy" for example. But it is a not very noticeable indeed.
(Sorry for the prices, they are from a YT video and a bit blurry but you can see some differences, grass trees, bricks and white rocks)



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Yes, I noticed those very small changes. Nothing ground breaking though, or really taking advantage of the AGA chipset.

...also not sure why they needed to shrink the screen size; as mentioned, same as with "Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures Of Cool Coyote [CD32]".
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While it's fantastic that Death Mask's WHDload has CD32 support, is there a way for it work with the ECS version?
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@jotd: Many thanks for the Turrican 1 patch. Will test it later.
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I tried "Parasol stars" with second button support. It seems to me that the final boss is impossible to finish. Could it be because I used cheats?
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A long time ago I left a notice in Cabal on mantis bugtracker about the option to use the second button does not work on real Amigas, only in WinUAE.
It would be great if someone finally fixed this bug.
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