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Cybervision 64 and 64/3D support

Normally, I don't make feature requests due to the fact that I'm not super familiar with development.

However, unless I'm very wrong, this request shouldn't be a huge problem.

Since FS-UAE/WinUAE have support for PPC accelerators, I was wondering if Cybervision graphics cards could be implemented as well.

While most games won't benefit much from this, more modern games, such as WipEout 2097 definitely will.

I've done some research on these cards, and found a page with info about them: http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/cybervision64 http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/cybervision643d

According to these pages, these cards are based on the S3 Trio64 and the S3 ViRGE.

A few months ago, my thought was that we could borrow PCem's implementation of these cards, since they support normal S3 Trio64 and S3 ViRGE cards.

At first I considered this a pipe dream, but then I heard that WinUAE 4.1.0 is actually using PCem code for PC-compatibility hardware emulation, this seems to be a lot more feasible now. PCem is already partially integrated into at least WinUAE, so there aren't any code compatibility issues or license issues.

With that in mind, the only issues seem to be based on how well the S3 card emulation in PCem can be converted to Cybervision emulation, as well as finding a developer who actually wants to tackle this.

If nobody cares about this, I don't mind that much. I'll take comfort in the knowledge that the developers will have to get to this eventually as they run out of new things to emulate in FS-UAE/WinUAE.
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Toni Wilen
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Answer is still the same:

All those usual non-emulated Amiga RTG cards have max 4M VRAM support which does not make it any more useful than Picasso IV. S3's crappy 3D support is not really worth the trouble if the only reason is to run some games that are not Amiga original.

I am still waiting (if it ever happens) PCem Voodoo 3 support. It has large enough VRAM, 3D support and is supported by most (all?) Amiga compatible operating systems.
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