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Feature Request: Calculator in debugger

I'd like to have a (simple) calculator in the debugger, I'm quite used to using ASM-One's built-in calculator all the time ("?" in ASM-One's command line) and would like to have something similar in WinUAE's debugger as I don't want to start a new WinUAE instance to start ASM-One each time I need to calculate something quickly when using the built-in debugger.

I'd prefer the command for the calculator to be "?" in UAE's debugger too but that's used to print the help text so not possible I guess.

The calculator should be able to understand address/data registers in the expressions, e.g. something like "?d0+10" should be possible to do.

I suppose you're familiar with ASM-One's calculator, I'd basically like to have the same features in WinUAE's debugger.
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Toni Wilen
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Did you even try? '?' does work (Help only comes without any parameters)

Note that registers need r-prefix, d0=hex d0, rd0 = register d0. I want hex to be the default in most situations. Writing $ everywhere is annoying. (!value = force decimal, like action replay does it)
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I did but I didn't know about the "r" prefix for registers. Thanks for info, feature request fulfilled.

Edit: might be good to update the info in the help text as it currently only shows that "?" can be used to convert values and the the register prefix should be mentioned somewhere too.
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