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[blitz] amiga/blitz Mode speed question

Lets say my program looks like:

;files with statements

;jumping into blitz mode

;executing some statements from INCLUDE files
some statements...

The above order gives me average times for 3 parts of my program as follows:

When I move INCLUDE part down below BLITZ command (so the statements files are read in blitz mode) the miracle happens and the timings get much better:

Why does the location of inicial statements (amiga/blitz Mode) have inpact on program's speed?


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Not coding Blitz for a while, but this is what I remember.
IIRC the Blitz compiler uses the Blitz and Amiga commands "stupidly" from top to down.
For example:
  some code
  gosub subroutine1
  pgm end code

Here "subcode1" is executed in normal Amiga mode IIRC (Correct me if I'm wrong).
I'd say it's not exactly what you'd expect from the compiler normally.
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So looks like I have to be more careful where I write and what...
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That’s something I had never thought of; that the position of an INCLUDE statement alters the speed of the entire included file. Nice find!
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